Manly Behaves that Chinese Women Find Attractive

Manly Behaves that Chinese Women Find Attractive

Manly Behaves that Chinese Women Find Attractive

Physical attraction is something that many girls seek, including Chinese women. It doesn’t mean that the partner has to look like a celebrity or have an oozing appeal. More often than not, men who do not know they are attractive exude a stronger aura that makes them more appealing.

Most women find men who aren’t conscious about their looks more manly than those who would spend a long time getting ready for a date or often ask if they have something on their face, their hair looks okay, and so on.

When you explore dating apps to meet Chinese women, you have to give it your best shot, especially when you intend to find someone you will eventually end up with. Once the online friendship turns into something more serious, ask the girl out on a date to find out if you are perfectly fitted in person as you were while interacting virtually.

Manly Behaviors to Attract Your Date

You can drive your date crazy by doing the following manly behaviors when out on a date. However, make sure that you only do them when the woman already feels comfortable with you:

Putting Your Hand on Her Bare Knee

This is like testing the level of comfort she has with you. It also has to come naturally and not something that might indicate aggressive behavior. 

Take note of how she reacts. It is best to take your hand back if she gets tense. If she removes your hand instantly, apologize, and don’t attempt to do it again in the course of the date. You have to understand her body language and respect her choice.

Extending Your Arm at The Back of Her Chair

You can make this nice gesture when you’re out on a date at a restaurant or family event. This will make your Chinese lady feel welcome and that you’re proud to be with her.

Putting Your Arm Around Her Waist

This makes your woman feel that you’re protecting her, especially when walking in a crowded area. Doing this is also a nice idea when you’re on a phone call since it can make her feel that you’re well-aware of her presence even though you’re doing something else. 

Rolling Your Buttoned-Up Shirt to Your Elbows

You likely don’t realize that this is a nice gesture. Many women find this more attractive because you look manly and serious in life. They prefer this get-up more than a sweater or shirt because it gives them the impression that you can have a chance to be together.

Gazing at Her Softly

Though most sexy Chinese women agree that men are attractive when they show assertiveness and dominance, they also find it attractive when men look at them softly while doing something such as reading or putting on make-up. 

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Repairing Things

Most women find it sexy when a man is being handy. It indicates that you can be a home buddy and someone they can dream of sharing a home with.  

Doing Housework

When men take the initiative to do chores such as washing dishes, women find this appealing. These simple actions can make your girl fall hard for you. 

Listening Attentively

Women from Chinese dating sites appreciate it a lot when men remember personal details they’ve mentioned in previous conversations. Both men and women feel good when they know the person they’re talking to pays attention to what they say. So, even if she shared something mundane and you remembered it, you’ll surely make your girl happy.

Being Romantic

Most men think that being romantic means doing something very grand for their girl. However, this isn’t the case. Showing thoughtfulness is often the most romantic you can do. Some of these include washing the dishes at night because you know she’s tired or making her breakfast every morning. 

Handling Kids Well

When Chinese beauties see a man being good with kids, it gives them the impression that he’ll be a good father. A simple gesture such as getting down on your knees to explain something to a child can enchant women. 

Giving Up Your Train Seat

This simple act will make women think that you are considerate, gentle, and kind. 

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Wrapping Your Arms Around Her

Being protective is attractive to many women. This will make her feel loved and secure. 

Showing Passion for Something

Most women find it hot when their partners talk about something passionately. So, it doesn’t matter if she’s interested in what you’re talking about; your passion makes the gesture attractive.

Concentrating on Work

Chinese singles love looking at men when they’re focusing on a task. When men look focused, it gives women the impression that they are mature and serious about life. 

Taking Out a Wallet from the Front Pocket of Your Pants

Even though taking out a wallet from the coat pocket is more irresistible for women, they find it hot when they see men lean back and slide their hands into the front pocket of their pants. 

Offering Your Coat

When you attempt to offer your coat to Chinese babes, you should keep in mind not to do this condescendingly. You have to be nice when you do this. 

Most women agree that it’s intimate and charming when a man does this. But, you should not go overboard like trying to kiss her hand. You need to keep in mind that being a gentleman in modern times makes your girl feel comfortable rather than make yourself seem impressive. 

Passing Your Fingers through Your Hair

You look sexy by making the gesture, especially when you aren’t aware of it. 

Wearing a Plain Black Shirt

Many women surprisingly find this attractive. They also noted that this is more attractive when men have great body and arm muscles. 

Carrying a Puppy

The brain chemicals in women are stimulated, specifically oxytocin, when they see a man holding a puppy. 

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The best thing you can do to appear manly when you ask someone you met from a China dating platform is to be yourself. Most of the time, it is your real persona that makes you more appealing than trying hard to impress a woman.