Why Chinese Girls Choose to Date American Men?

Why Chinese Girls Choose to Date American Men?

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The fun fact that more and more Chinese girls are marrying American men is one of the most prominent symbols of China’s opening up to the world. Li Shuang, a lady from Beijing, China’s capital, travelled to Paris in 1983 and married a former French minister to China. She was the first Chinese girl to marry an American man after the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949. Chinese girls dating American guys by using different Chinese dating sites has progressively become a common occurrence in China since then.

The perception of this beautiful Chinese girl of an American man is based on their often hazy comprehension of western culture. In general, American men have several qualities in the eyes of Chinese girls, such as American men are typically tall and robust, and that the majority of them like sports. They are said to be conscious about their appearance, such as dress and hairstyle. They are said to be extremely thoughtful to women, capable of being amorous. Western males are believed to be well-educated, laid-back, amusing, courteous, self-assured, and self-sufficient. They are regarded to place a high priority on their rights while respecting the privacy and choices of others, valuing the quality of life, and having a diverse range of interests.

The following are some of the reasons why Chinese babes are drawn to American men:

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Taste of Excitement

A pretty Chinese girl date American guys simply to have a taste of adventure and enjoy the experience of dating a foreign man. Some people just desire to improve their spoken English. And the money of western guys constantly attracts a large number of Chinese girls. Young Chinese girls are becoming increasingly impacted by western society and wish to date international guys out of curiosity. When it comes to marriage, the vast majority of them would sensibly pick Chinese males.

Sweet Talks

According to a Chinese babe who has dated American men before she did highlight that American men are good in bed and that is why Chinese women looking for American men, have a fantastic sense of humour, and will sweet-talk ladies when dating. However, she added that it is simple to like a white man, it is difficult to love him. And when you marry a white man, everything changes for the worst.

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More Tolerance of Previous Relationships

In big cities, dating a Chinese American girl is extremely prevalent, and the couples aren’t always youthful twenty-somethings.

Many Chinese mature dating, even those who have previously been married, are dating American men in the hopes of finding love again. Yang was 35 years old when she divorced and had to care for her 9 year old kid. No Chinese guy would want to date her, according to her Chinese pals. She discovered that when she reevaluated her life and relocated in a larger city, American men didn’t seem to mind that she was approaching “middle age” (much of China has not gotten the signal that 40 is the new 20) or that she had a kid.

She dated a few people from all over the world and claims she didn’t have to hide the fact that she was pregnant or that her now-fiancĂ© was a part of her life.

According to a middle-aged Chinese man, American men are more open-minded, and they are less concerned about marrying a lady who is not a virgin. They are also eager to marry divorced women, unlike Chinese males.

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Difference in Culture

It’s either because western guys are different in culture from Chinese men, or because they think differently, or both, according to a Korean-American girl. “Chinese guys are familiar, thus western men are novel and fascinating. The third possibility is that Chinese women prefer the way western men think to the way Chinese society is.”

Girls from the Chinese mainland and the girls from the area of Taiwan and Hong Kong, on the other hand, have slightly different values and judgments. Girls from the Chinese mainland are generally poor, and they yearn for the rich life of the upper-middle class in America. They would want to turn to the “rich” white men, believing that the “American Dream” is centred on money and things because marrying an American guy is the lowest threshold for migration. Chinese women from Hong Kong and Taiwan are less likely to aspire to attain their economic goals through interracial marriage since they are more rich and educated.

Less Problematic

This was a relational issue more than anything else. A few Chinese girls claimed that when it comes to arguments, Chinese men are more passive and that the traditional approach to addressing them is to keep silent and hope it goes away. American men, they believe, are more likely to want to speak things out and address the situation as quickly as possible. They claimed that becoming used to settling problems in this manner requires time and practice. They do feel, however, that confronting conflict full-on is preferable to avoid it.

Are there any males out there who actually want to share their experiences with Chinese girls now that I’ve posted stories from Chinese women who have dated American men?