Chnlove Anti Scam Policy

The success of Chnlove is not only due to the unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing world, but also comes from our firm commitment to take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities.

To put the scale of the challenge in perspective, there are thousands of mails passing through our system weekly, supported by hundreds of our qualified third-party service providers in multiple cities around the globe. No single service provider is an island. If any one of them is less-than-honest, it turns out to be the black sheep of the family potentially ruining the business of the majority innocent ones. Similarly if a particular member is disingenuous, other members stand to suffer. It is therefore important for us to take a proactive role to take measures, as set out in this Policy, for which we invite your support.

We set out a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions made by service providers, our lady & gentleman members, and achieve rational outcomes together. We want your time with us spent meeting your potential marital partner without worrying about being a potential victim of harmful activities, in particular scams.

1. What is a “scam” or “scammer”?

2. What measures does Chnlove take to protect our members against scams?

3. What can our members do to avoid scams?

4. What does Chnlove do when suspected scam practices occur?



Although it is very difficult to keep all scam or scammers away from our site, Chnlove has made significant progress in its monitoring and screening efforts. In fact, according to our statistics, there are very few cases where suspected scams are proved to be true. Most of the complaints we received from our gentleman members which involved suspicious activities or potential dating scams turned out to be misunderstanding caused by cultural and language differences.

Chnlove is built as an online platform where our members can communicate with each other in the hopes of building a successful relationship. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of our members are serious and genuine in finding their lifelong partner through our site, and have a wonderful time when using our services. We hope that both you and your lady will make every serious decision in the relationship based on a thorough understanding of each other, and make the commitments to each other that real love is all about. Many of our members have successfully found their soul mate here, and are eternally grateful for our services. You can share their happy stories by reading our testimonials. We truly hope that you will find the same happiness that they have found!

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