Build Intimacy With Chinese Women In 3 Unconventional Ways

Build Intimacy With Chinese Women In 3 Unconventional Ways

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Most people get their ideas of romance from pop culture – TV, films, and the internet. Boy meets girl. Chinese women meet loving foreigners. Online dating leads to people’s happily ever after.

However, what happens in made-up love stories does not always happen in real life. Romance does not work by chance meeting someone you instantly feel connected to.

It takes effort, including intimacy, to make a relationship work and last. Building intimacy also does not happen by chance; it is something that the people involved in the relationship need to work on and sustain to make the relationship last.

If you are dating Chinese and want to ensure that it’s going to be for keeps, you have to work on all aspects of the relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you are often meeting with Chinese babes or women of other nationalities. Intimacy is a must in any relationship.

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Tips to Build Intimacy in a Relationship

You may think of the following tips as unconventional, but they work. There may not be any dating Chinese girl rules, but once you have found the one and committed to her, you have to do your part of building intimacy to keep the fire aglow.

Here are the three best unconventional tips you can follow to level up your Chinese girl dating venture:

If you aren’t compatible sleeping in the same bed, try having different bedrooms

This may take many people by surprise. How do you develop intimacy if you are sleeping in separate bedrooms? This is only applicable to partners who can’t tolerate the sleeping habits of one another, including snoring, moving a lot, or having different sleep schedules.

If your partner is already causing you to lose sleep, not because of the intimacy but the manner they sleep, it’s time to talk about the sleeping conditions. Sleep is crucial to staying healthy. You won’t be able to function well in bed when it comes to intimacy if you lack quality sleep most of the time.

However, this is a decision that you must both understand and talk through. This is because couples sleeping in the same bed have long been culturally imprinted. It is something that many people have picked up from popular culture, school, religion, families, and friends.

You have to accept that not because something is accepted by many means that you have to abide by it as well. If you will pursue it because of the cultural thing, but you are not comfortable with it, in the end, your health will suffer. It will have a negative impact on your health if it happens, which will also have a consequence on your intimacy with your partner.

The idea here is to have alone time every day, thrice a week, or once a week, depending on your drive and needs. But you are not required to sleep together all the time, no matter what other people say. Besides, you are not required to tell other people about your sleeping arrangement with your Chinese female partner. It’s your life, your relationship, your choice.

Spend a “Me” time every once in a while

Being in a relationship is far different from when you were still searching for Chinese beauties. Since you are living in the same house, there may be times when you get annoyed at the presence of each other or get into heated arguments simply because of constantly being together.

You have to take time apart to give each other some alone time. You can take this moment to pamper yourself or do things you’ve always wanted to do. You may also want to spend time with the friends you’ve missed seeing. To assure each one, talk to each other about what you intend to do during this “me” time. This way, you won’t get into any misunderstanding during the period.

Take the time apart to miss each other, to remember that you were once dating a Chinese woman who is now your partner. Alone time can be spent in different parts of the home, in each of your families’ houses, or on a trip with friends without your partner. You both have to work out which suits you the best.

Plan the intimacy

If you and your Chinese lady are too busy with work that you are both compromising one of the most important aspects of your relationship, you have to plan it to make it happen. Planning when and where you will do it can provide some excitement. It will give you something to look forward to after a hectic week at work.

No matter how busy you are, you can make time for intimacy, even if it means that you have to include it in your calendar of events. Make it an event that you will both look forward to happening. Understand that no matter how you love each other, the relationship is bound to fail if you will not adjust to ensure that you don’t neglect the intimacy part of the relationship.

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Final Thoughts

After taking your time meeting and getting friends with Chinese women through online dating, it will surely feel rewarding to be in a relationship with someone you are most compatible with in all aspects. However, any relationship is a work in progress. You have to work hard and ensure that the intimacy is not taken for granted, especially as years pass and as the relationship grows.