Many men are clueless what kind of bad things they have done lead to their girlfriends’ annoyance unknowingly. Especially when the holiday season comes and goes. Women are fond of being taken care of by the men in their lives. They are not that complicated. They just want to be showered with gifts and compliments, and a gift easily beats a compliment. Chinese girls are the same. If you are dating online and you haven’t met each other once, you may send some virtual gifts like flowers or other else. That’s ok. The fact’s that, women hate to admit, but material gifts are the foundation of a strong relationship. Many guys will agree that it’s quite difficult to choose a gift for girlfriend, and when the gift is not “right”, horrible thing will happen… However, here we have figured out a general guide, based largely on stories and some people’s misery experiences we’ve heard, for the buddies who struggle to get a satisfactory gift for their girls.

Fitness Equipment/Gym Membership

So you love getting sweat at the gym and you think “hey! I should get my chick a gym membership and buy some fitness equipment for her to put in her apartment. Sounds like a good idea. Ah, how smart I am!” Despite your good intention, it’s vert possible you will get a reaction not as enthusiastic as you may think. Or you might as well tell your girlfriend that her jeans are not fit for her because they make her butt look big and she is eating too much junk food. So when it comes to fitness equipment, you’d better not buy anything about it for your girl. Your Chinese girlfriend may accept your gift in a polite way, but she will never feel happy at this kind of gift, and at you. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.


Who dislikes cash? Who hates cash? Nobody. Does it bring happiness when a woman sees a box of cash sent by her man? NO. The truth is that no one will say no to money. However, if you regard cash as the short cut as a gift, you are very very mistaken. Chinese people are inclined to express themselves in implicit way. If you think sending cash is as normal as Chinese sending red packets when they attend someone’s wedding ceremony or a banquet for one month old celebration of somebody’s child. That’s different. Think of what your Chinese girlfriend will think of a man who fails to get her a gift. How careless this man is! He even humiliates me in such way!

Promise Ring

Maybe you have been together for several months and you really want to give her something special this time. You may promise to love her as as as you can see in the future or till the end, but if you are not planning to propose to this girl, you are sending a wrong gift and conveying wrong message. You give her your promise through a promise ring and she will believe you are promising the future with her.


Women love clothes. They would fill their closets with large number of clothes even if they don’t necessarily need all of these clothes. Most guys will think clothing is a perfect choice for gift. But it’s often the case you don’t know your lady’s taste of clothes and her size. Maybe you think a cheongsam is perfect for your Chinese girl cause you think a classic Chinese lady is the most beautiful woman in the world. Then your lady accepts your gift happily, but when she is trying it on, “Wow, it is too small for me! My boyfriend must be reminding that I am getting fat! How dare he!” Or “He definitely knows I hate this color, but he purposely sent this to me!” …That’s quite possible. So will you still take clothes into consideration?


There is no better way at all to tell your girl she needs to add a little something on her face. Well, you think she is not good-looking? If you want to break her heart, then you just do it. Admit it guys, you don’t know anything about makeup unless you are a cosmetician. So just step away from something that’s almost an expected failure.


You are not sure if you should get her a gift? Or you have a talk about “we both agree on not getting gifts from each other? Believe it or not, even if you did have the talk and come to the agreement, you would be stupid to believe your girl doesn’t indeed want a gift from you. Stop complaining. Put a little more thought instead of giving your girl nothing, because you will never know how disastrous the result will be if your girl does not get a gift.


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