Physical Features of a Chinese Girl that Secretly Attract Men

Physical Features of a Chinese Girl that Secretly Attract Men

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Are you scouring Chinese dating sites in the search for that one perfect Chinese girl of your dreams? If you are but don’t know why you prefer these oriental beauties, then you’re probably not aware of the features that they have that men almost always secretly find attractive. Find out more below:

Soft Luscious Lips

If we’re referring to a Chinese beauty, we have to include her lips, and the lips of one usually are soft and luscious. Most of the time, oriental lips have that kind of appeal. Though shapes vary, one common theme is that they love wearing red or pink glossy lipsticks. Their already usually small lips are even more highlighted as youthful and exciting because of the kind of makeup they wear – glossy and luscious but soft and sweet.

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Next time you find a Chinese girl, see to it if her lips attract you. You’ll be surprised that once you become aware of this, you’ll gravitate towards her smile not only because it’s charming but because she’ll most likely have the features described above.

Intense Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this becomes much more intense when strong eye contact is done. Most of the time, sexy Chinese girls know how to do this trick by making eye contact much more intense. Their eyes linger longer, appearing suggesting that you can’t help but fall even more.

What’s more, is that they have oriental eyes – a set of chinky attractiveness that’s pleasing and much more appealing when they smile or laugh. Combine this with intense eye contact, and you’re already under her spell.

Great Smile and Teeth

About what’s said above, nothing completes a charming face than a lovely smile. Hot Chinese Chicks don’t only know how to be foxy, but they know how to be adorable too. This is very common in Asian countries. In these parts, the cutesy look is central in their fashion and general appeal, so smiling is always an accessory to this. And because they value beauty so much, they almost always have amazing pearly whites.

When you start dating one, you’ll notice how they’re quite smiley, especially when they’re comfortable with you. They can be shy, so they express their bashfulness through all kinds of smiles and laughs, so prepare a list of jokes and pick up lines just to test this out.

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Feminine Voice

Because they’re more into a youthful vibe, you’re likely to date a lot of feminine ladies on a Chinese dating site. That said, you’ll notice how not only are their looks childlike and feminine but their voice is much more high-pitched too. This makes them attractive. Some guys can identify this as a feature they want in a girl, but to those who don’t, you’ll be surprised how the pitch of a person’s voice can greatly influence attraction.

As you date more Asian babes, you’ll start to see this kind of pattern – a youthful aura with a vibrant soft voice. Although this is observed, there are those with low and sultry voices that work too, but this depends on your preference though. It’s just that statistically, men are generally attracted to higher voices.

Tiny Waist But Wider Hips

This is not a surprise knowing that men are highly attracted to the waist and the hip area of the woman. Wider hips and smaller waist means smaller waist hip ratio which is not only feminine but appealing as well. This is because men, in nature, appreciate this kind of body type.

There would still be those who prefer other body types, but this one is generally observed and is sought after, especially in oriental girls. So, on your next dating adventure, check if the hot Chinese women you’re seeing have these features. Chances are, they’ll have one of each or both!

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Symmetrical Facial Features

The last on our list is symmetry. In general, people find this beautiful. The more symmetrical, the more perfect a thing becomes even if we are not aware of it. This also applies to beauty standards. While beauty is subjective and can be interpreted in a lot of ways by different people, there’s no denying that symmetry is one of the telltale signs that one is gorgeous.

Then next time you go out on a date, you can test this by looking into how balanced one’s features are. Symmetrical face makes Chinese hot ladies making them one of the loveliest girls you’ll ever see. No wonder why you’re online trying to look for the perfect one.

These are some of the most common physical features that men secretly love about these Asian beauties. Of course, while physical attributes are part of the criteria for choosing a partner, factors like confidence, kindness, individuality, intelligence, and personality are equally important.

Ideally, with the physical features you adore, these other factors should also be considered for a happier and healthier relationship. With these in mind, keep everything respectful and don’t dwell too much on the physical side of things. They’re what makes a relationship passionate and exciting, but over time, you’ll grow to enjoy your partner’s entirety – the whole package.

Well, but for now, as you’re still newly dating, enjoy what you can. If you’re ready to mingle with one, start exploring Chinese dating sites today and have the best time of your life!