Chnlove has many happy couples in the past 10 years, and many of them keep good relationship with us. They often share us with their happy life and experience on how to get along well with their Chinese wife. Yes, As a western gentleman, his married life with a Chinese woman is really great knowledge. No matter how you love each other, you may be bond to engage in an argument once in a while. The following guidelines will help you if you married a Chinese wife.

Never be afraid to let your Chinese wife know what bothers you.
You shouldn’t hold back communication – anything that bothers you must be brought up for discussion. You should always feel free to express yourself. And remember, it is not WHAT you say… it is HOW you say it!

Don’t argue with your Chinese bride while you are still too emotional about the situation.
Things you are saying while you are affected have a way of leaving a damaging mark on your relationship. Instead of lashing out while you’re still emotional, take some time to cool off by going out for a walk or listening to some music, for example. Getting away from the situation will help you gain a much-needed new perspective.

Don’t bring the past into the present.
The desire to compare current situations to some past situations is natural but not healthy for a relationship. No one wants to be reminded of their past mistakes. And how can you expect to motivate someone for improvement when no matter how hard they try to change or improve, you still hold them accountable for past actions? If you actually want a problem resolved you have to make your partner feel like s/he can actually resolve it. One way is to keep your disagreements about the problem you are actually dealing with at this time.

Seek first to understand your Chinese soulmate, then to be understood.
It is easy to complain how wronged we are and how our partner never understands us but have we really tried to understand him/her? So many times we forget to take a look at the other person’s viewpoint when more often that not, we would find after an honest look, that we would have done the same thing.

If it is your mistake, apologize to your Chinese wife!
Don’t try to redirect the blame to something or someone else. If you broke a promise, said something you wished you didn’t or did something you’d rather not confess to, it’s up to you to make amends. Not only will you feel better, but your partner will learn to trust you more knowing you’re willing to accept responsibility.

Don’t implicate other people in your fight.
You automatically put the other person on guard when you enter into a major disagreement in front of others. In addition, instead of staying a personal matter, the disagreement will become open to other input. Think about it from your partner’s shoes. Would you actually give an open and honest discussion if you felt you were up against an army?

Discuss the problem with your Chinese women till it is solved.
It is far easier to run off and avoid your partner but show respect to him/her and yourself by taking the harder way – work it out together even if it takes all night. Make sure you have enough time to talk and don’t bring up an issue during lunch hour, or on the way out. Nothing is unsolvable when you are working together for the good of your relationship.


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