It works like magic yet it is nothing like magic. Ask every guy that has dated before or is currently dating, the one burning question they will tell you leaves them restless or sleepless at night is what the gifts for chinese girlfriend likes, irrespective of her nationality; mail order asian brides or not. if you have been through those slippery sand or planning chinese girls dating, then this is just how you will tell perfectly if she likes you or not.

chinese girls dating

She picks your call on the first dial

You need to see what women do with their phone when it is ringing to understand this point – especially if the call is from someone they don’t like. Some will hiss loudly when they peer at the screen of the phone then ignore the call to ring out.

If you meet a girl on a Chinese dating site and peradventure both of you were able to begin calling each other, then, she picking your call each and every time you call is a strong pointer that she is into you or rather that the feeling is mutual. If you call a girl several times a week and she only picks once, then it is already a bad omen and you need to make your next steps cautiously. You may want to conserve your energy for someone else.

china ladies photo

She answers your personal questions

We all know that everyone has a skeleton in their cupboard. There is always that private part of our lives we wish not to share. If you place Japanese girls vs. Chinese girls, even though they both look innocent, they all have secrets they wish not to share though between the two, it may be hard to tell which is more secretive.

Yes, mature Asian dating is that hard too in case you have been thinking that it would be a lot easier since the girls are innocent looking. You thought wrongly. But if you begin to ask her about her past relationships and she doesn’t rebuff but narrates at ease then you have a girl for yourself.

She agrees to send you her personal pictures

It is normal for people, dating or not to exchange pictures over the internet. However, it is not all people that a girl would allow access to her pictures especially the very sexy ones where she is on a bikini or something seductive.

For example, if you ask china ladies photo on Chinese dating sites and she obliges – even though it has not been long you guys met – then she is seriously falling for you. Just be bold enough to take her to the next level and she is all yours. Girls don’t just send their pictures randomly to anyone except she truly likes you and wants to impress you into taking a positive action. Otherwise, she would give no hoot.

She wants you to learn Chinese marriage rites

Why would she even think of that if she doesn’t have plans to have you for herself? When a girl begins to tell you frequently about Chinese traditional marriage then it is obvious she wants you for herself.  She may not be bold enough to tell you to marry her without you asking because women often believe it makes them look cheap or desperate in the eyes of the men and that is why you need to take the bull by the horn if you see any of the signs above. Two of them is enough to make you stop guessing because though women suppress their emotions always, they can do little about their actions.


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