Get Useful Tips to Enjoy Online Dating with Chinese Women on ChnLove

Get Useful Tips to Enjoy Online Dating with Chinese Women on ChnLove

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There might be one Chinese lady in your life who you genuinely like but can’t determine if she likes you just as much. It can be challenging and it’s definitely frustrating trying to figure out if your crush shares mutual feelings with you. This situation stays alike if you’re online dating Chinese women on ChnLove.

You wonder if approaching them first would only lead to rejection, or if waiting for them to realize their feelings for you is the wiser action. It’s a tough choice to make. Chinese girls, especially, tend to be more hesitant to openly express their romantic affections and make the move first.

Thus knowing the subtle signs that a Chinese woman show to express love can help you figure out whether making the first move is a wise choice or not.

Here are ways to tell if a Chinese woman likes you:

Body Language

They do say that more often than not we speak louder with our bodies than with our words. Being adept at reading the body language of a Chinese female can help you identify any emotions and feelings that might be hidden within.

  • Flushing
    Usually, when a Chinese lady finds a guy they’re attracted to, they start changing their behavior without them being fully aware of it. Most girls start becoming shyer and tend to not know how to respond when the guy of their affections starts talking to them. If you notice a sudden change in her behavior when she’s around you, that might be a good sign that she’s into you.
  • Eye Contact
    It can be hard not to look at hot Chinese girls, especially when they become the object of your affections. But when they like you back, the shyer Chinese women may end up looking away instead of catching your eye contact and flashing a smile.
  • Closer Proximity
    A Chinese lady would not mind letting a man who she sees as a potential partner touch her or even hold her hand. If she likes you, she might like hugging you too and minimizing the distance between you as much as possible.


Another way to tell if a Chinese girl is into you is by observing her behavior. Watching how the woman acts in a Chinese dating show might help a little in picking up on the signals that a Chinese woman might be into you but it’s not that easy. So, we’re here to help shed some light on what goes on in a lovestruck Chinese girl’s mind.

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  • She instantly responds to your messages.
    A Chinese woman who has no affection for you would be indifferent and not as eager to talk to you. But if she takes the initiative to message you out of the blue for no clear reason and is quick to reply to your texts, then it’s definitely a clear sign of her liking you back.
  • She keeps coming back to you even after disappearing for a while.
    Chinese women can get really persistent when it comes to getting what they want. Don’t worry if your conversation dies out sometimes, it’s not a bad thing. But if she keeps making the first move to text you even after disappearing for a bit, then there’s no doubt that there’s some level of interest and affection there.
  • She takes extra care of her appearance.
    This is definitely one telltale sign that she might be into you. Chinese women might find it hard to openly admit their affections towards you so they instead put effort into their looks. Maybe she’s a girl you met through China Love Match, and you decide to meet up and hang out. If you notice her putting extra effort into her looks for something as simple as a walk in the park together, then it could mean that she wants to impress you. Don’t forget to compliment her on the extra effort she put into her appearance to make her feel more confident in her looks.
  • She buys you meals and gifts.
    It’s a common way of expressing affection around the world but it’s different when a Chinese woman does it. When a Chinese girl starts bringing you gifts, you know it’s serious. Dating in China doesn’t necessarily have gift-giving as the primary way of expressing love. If she especially goes out of her way to buy you a gift, no matter how small, it’s a sign that she has very real feelings for you.
  • She becomes eager to tell you about her culture.
    This is one of those signs that may not be obvious at first but is actually very easy to spot. Most Chinese people take pride in their country and their culture. If she really likes you, she will try to insert bits of information about her culture into your conversation. This is because she wants you to know and understand her better. This is her way of pulling you closer to who she really is. It’s also a really good thing for you because knowing about the Chinese culture can help give you an idea of what to expect when dating a Chinese woman.
  • She starts wanting to know more about you and your interests.
    Chinese women can be very self-indulgent so when she initiates turning the topic of your conversations to you and your interests, it’s a very clear sign that she’s into you. If she had no feelings for you at all, she would not put as much effort into trying to get to know your hobbies and your interests. When she starts doing this, she’s purposefully digging deep into who you are and hoping you’ll pick up on the sign that she likes you.

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