It don’t matter if you’re black,
white or yellow,
if your brown or red,
let’s get down to that
love is color-blind

Do you still remember the great song Love Is Color-blind sung by the famous singer Sarah Connor? From the lyrics you can see that friendship and love can happen between people with different skin colors. In another word, love exists regardless of nationality and without border. That is the main reason for why so many China dating sites appear and survive, which supply dating services to Asian women for marriage and foreign people seeking a lifetime partner. However, how to develop and manage a merry and happy marriage with Chinese wife? How to keep the love passion between each other? Well, in fact, it is not so difficult as you think. According to the successful couples in Chnlove, keeping a good and harmonious relationship with your China lady mostly count on the following simple things: love, understanding, trust and responsibility. Furthermore, it is not limited to transnational marriages. Relationship between people from same places or same countries also need these rules to run well. So please keep it in mind for your love.

Love. It is the most fundamental element to begin a relationship and keep it go well. Love to women just like career to men. Important to life. Although sometimes China woman may be shy to tell you how much she loves you, she wants you to confess your love to her and will feel very sweet on your words. And in return, she will love you more and take as the most important people in her life. So my suggestion is that never give a chance to let love between you fly away.

Understanding. You know, it should be a little hard and uncomfortable for someone who just moves to a new place at the first few weeks. And it happens to your Chinese wife too. On the one side, she needs some time and some help to adjust herself to new environment and communities. On the other side, she will be probably involved in culture shocks and becomes a little homesick. At that time, you are required to show more care and understanding to her. Let her know you understand how she feels and tell her it will be over soon. In the transnational marriages, cultural difference is a big problem. So when you come up with opinions different from your wife, talk to her, understand why she thinks it that way and tell her your true feeling too. In this way, I believe that any cultural difference or language barrier can not hinder the development of the relationship.

Trust. First grade rule! Do you know how many couples get divorced due to the trust issues? Most people break up because they doubt their partners are having affair with others. And in most of these cases, men are always the one involved in the affair and lose the trust of his wife. China brides are specially faithful to her husband and regard him more important than everything. However, they are also sensitive and emotional. Once her husband did wrong, it is hard to make up the relationship. Therefore, it is better to establish a good trust system for both communication and understanding.

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Responsibility. Marriage means more than love. It is a family and you have responsibilities to it. How to play a good role in the position and what to do for the family are always the things you should keep in mind. New couples probably come across a lot of problems of daily life, however, it is normal. Just face it and what you do your job. Be a responsible man. Women love men with responsibility.

I really hope you have a merry and happy marriage with your Chinese wife for now and future.


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