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Many members on ChnLove doubt that there are so many young and beautiful Chinese ladies on our site, but would that be true they really want to marry a man who is a decade older than they are? Well, we understand the worry of these members. However, as a matter of fact, dating or marrying a young Chinese girl is not impossible. Several years ago, a 28-year-old Chinese girl got married to a famous 82-year-old professor. Also, according to reports, many women pop stars in China get married to those men who are over a decade older than them. On our website, there are also many success stories which prove that such relationships with notable age difference do work.

If you are going on a date with a young Chinese girl, here are some advice for you:

1. Be confident and impress your lady
Don’t look down upon yourself. Everyone has his shining points and you are no exception. Just be confident and show the real you to your lady. It doesn’t mean you should take yourself as an old people and let your mind control every single move you make. In reality, despite your age, you could still keep your vigor and youth by taking exercise or other activities. Ladies would easily be impressed by your vitality

2. Make clear of your attitude and motivation
Make sure that you are pursuing the young Chinese girl for a right reason. If you just want to find someone to chat with you, of course you can choose a Chinese girl but do be sincere and honest. If you are willing to have a long-term relationship with a girl, you had better make your action slow. When you both are ready for a romantic relationship, you can step forward.

3. Remember age is a number instead of a rigid index
Keep in mind that you are dating a person, not a number or a birthdate. To many Chinese girls, life experience always counts more than a person’s age when considering a partner. Girls are easily attracted by those guys who are more mentally mature comparing with the younger ones. Besides, if a Chinese girl already knows your probable age is much older than her yet she still agrees to Email you and date you, you could believe that there is something drawing the two of you together. Then you know age is not a rigid index.

4. Pay attention to your mutual interests
You two may have grown up listening to different kinds of music, watching different TV programs, but that does not have much to do with a relationship. Some couples find generation gap in fact adds some color to their life. In a relationship, each can contribute his or her experiences towards a common goal. Either of you should not have to feel upset for not being at the same era as the other one does. When it comes to a relationship with a notable age difference, inevitably different tastes will affect both of you. Under the circumstances, it’s very important for you to dig out the mutual interests between you so as to increase more mutual topics when you are dating.

Of course, keeping a long-lasting relationship with someone who is much younger than you requires serious consideration. You may encounter many difficulties just as those similar age couples do. BUT keep in mind that what really matters is not age, but the way you solve the problems. Be positive.

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