Ever been annoyed with a mail order bride site’s service? Did you seethe with frustration and say nothing, or lose your temper only to wish you’d handled it better afterwards? It can be difficult sometimes to know where to complain or to whom you should address your complaint. Very few clients get it right.

In the interests of good customer service, Chnlove.com is pleased to set any matter right and provide you with some tips to show you the best way to complain and get what you want.

1. File your complaints to the site directly

A serious business takes complaints seriously. It is even true for a dating website. Complaint from customer is to alert the business owners some major problems in the business. If a website welcomes complaints, there are usually special channels to handle customers’ complaints. A responsible dating site usually enables customers to report complaints over a phone line, by e-mail, fax or even on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Complaints, like appreciation, are undeniable case in business. When you have a genuine complaint about using a mail order bride site you may feel angry, an honest business will always listen to customers and find solutions to improve the services. So, file your complaints to the site first.

2. Research the site you are using
You can easily recognize the mission and vision of the business the site is promoting by reading the words and structures of it. What’s the purpose of the site? What are their aims? Usually these can be found in the About Us section. A good dating website usually provides you with a lot of value-added services and information beside online personals profiles, such asdating tips and advice. Also, is the site digitally certificated by certificate authorities such as GeoTrust? Does it provide a safe channel for your ordering? Does it have a clear and understandable complaint or refund policy? Are there any other measures to guarantee your satisfaction toward the use of the services? If these measures are taken in place, the dating site you are using should be reliable.

3. Provide enough information

Usually when you complain an international dating site, you may be very angry because you feel like being cheated financially and emotionally. No matter how angry you are, things can go right if you simply calm down and provide the site with enough information. There are some things that customers should take note of:

(1) Research on facts
Are you displeased with the site’s service? Or are you suspecting the dishonest behavior of the lady herself or the agency itself? What are you unhappy about the services which made you complain?

(2) Discuss with agency

Not many mail order bride sites have a systematic procedure in dealing with customer’s complaints with. But Chnlove has. If your complaint is related to the service provided by the agency, we usually will forward the complaint to them. So, be specific. The more details you can provide about your dating experience, the better able we’ll be in bringing your complaint to the forefront. If your complaint has to do with the malpractice of the agency, a reputable dating site will keep a record of it and determine what the results of your complaint will be. A good site with honest business practice will try to be fair and realistic.

(3) Review your correspondence

It is one of the most important steps that people tend forget when they lodge a complaint. Before sending your complaint, please review the letters carefully and state your complaints with the relevant mail IDs. When you provide the site the relevant mail IDs first, we can help you process the case faster.
4. Points to Note

(1) Calm Down, State the Facts
Getting emotional and angry over few things are not going to solve your problems easier. While letting the site know that your complaint is justified is half the battle, the most important aspect is resolving the issues.

It is important to keep any documents relating to your complaint. You may need to state the facts as these records may be useful for another authority to solve it. That means keeping your correspondence, receipts, record details, etc.

(2) Respect the ladies and the cultures
We admit that many mail order bride sites perpetuate false stereotypes of the ladies from developing countries, particularly about Asian women. So there are few people visiting the site and thought that the site is for selling girls and therefore due respect is not shown to the women. Whatever your perception is, please show respect to the ladies and cultures even you have some unhappy experience when communicating with the ladies. So, be a man, and show respect to others. It’s the basic principle in the world of dating.

(3) Be open-minded
Cross-cultural communication can be a tiring process. It is possible that you experienced some poor services. However, please note that cross-cultural communication usually takes extra time and effort. Service standards in many developing countries are still very different. We totally understand the difficulties coming from misunderstanding of elements in cross-cultural communication. Still, communication is key. And your respect to the ladies and cultures are highly appreciated.

(4) Ask for what you deserve

The first step in dealing with any kind of problem is to find out what your basic rights are. These might be written down in the terms of service, or in a service description listed on the company’s website. Dishonest business practice has been observed in this industry. Chnlove is fighting all dishonest behavior. If you think that you are unfairly treated, ask for what you deserve no matter what. If you understand the services, you have the right to ask for a better deserved result.

So good luck with your complaint – follow these steps and hopefully your case will be resolved soon!


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