Asian girls can be mean. Some of the pretty Chinese girls are straight-up mean girls, though it’s only a small portion of them. So, how can you tell if gorgeous Asian girls are actually mean girls? Here are some of the traits that show that you are dealing with American Asian girls who are mean.

  1. She is a drama-queen. She goes where drama is. She either causes it or plays victim. Real Asian girls are, in most cases, sweet and nice.
  1. She is always angry. A mean girl is always in a fight with someone, because this is the way for her to get attention. If an attractive Asian girl is angry for no reason, she could be a mean girl.
  1. She teases people. If you don’t like something she likes, she will make fun of you. She doesn’t know how to respect the difference of opinion. Bad Asian girlslove to humiliate people.
  1. She uses mind games. Nice Asian girlsare open and honest. The mean girl loves to get in between people and break up friendships, whether by turning girls against one another with gossip or flirting with two best friends.
  1. She knows no boundaries. She will walk over dead bodies to get what she wants. Literally.
  1. She is toxic. Wherever she shows up, she spreads lies, gossip and hate.

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  1. She has a clique. She is a queen bee, and she won’t go anywhere without a group of minions who serve to make her feel important.
  1. She is defensive. She will attack at the moment she feels threatened.

      9.She claims whatever she wants. Whatever or whoever she deems hers, must be so. Otherwise means war.

      10.She dates hot guys. Hot guys like to be around popular girls because it makes them feel important

     11.She makes people feel uncomfortable. You are always on edge about being teased or chosen as a target to pick a fight with.

  1. She uses fear to manipulate. She can be so mean you will do everything she says so that she wouldn’t hurt you.
  1. She is authoritative. She acts like she is a superior to everyone around her.

    14.Nothing and no one is off limits. This goes for her friend’s boyfriend, as well.

    15.She is cruel. She shows no compassion.She will even joke about someone’s disability or tragedy.

  1. She is a user. Other people are only tools for her to get what she wants, no exception.

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  1. She wants what other people have. Whenever she notices something dear to your heart, she will not stop until she takes it away.
  1. Her malice is a compliment. If you are on her radar, it means she is threatened by you.
  1. She can’t be pleased. The more you try, the worse she acts.
  1. The world revolves around her. Her parents raised her to be a spoiled brat, and nothing can be done to change her.

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