This vertue makes Chinese women good choices as life-long partners.

This vertue makes Chinese women good choices as life-long partners.

In the United States, women used to be homemakers and men would work. The traditional role of women has changed a lot over the years, as society pushed for greater “equality.” Now, more women work in offices and more men help out with chores around the home. But does “equality” mean both sexes should have the same responsibilities? Why should we think women are unequal simply because they choose taking care of the family at home? In fact, there are some distinct advantages of maintaining traditional roles for men and women.

Chinese women, by comparison, have maintained their role as housewives. They enjoy cooking delicious meals, and cleaning the house and creating a warm environment for the family, and that’s one important reason so many men prefer to have a Chinese wife. And there is a very good reason why Chinese women prefer to maintain the role of housewife. It helps keep a healthy balance in the family and create a warm atmosphere.

Western researchers are also beginning to understand the advantages of these traditional roles. A University of Washington study found that couples where the women takes on more “female” chores and the man sticks to “male” tasks were more happy and had more intimate relationships. “If the activity is coded as masculine or feminine and it expresses ideas about what makes the opposite sex interesting, attractive, alluring, mysterious, that seems to be related to sexual activity and possibly sexual desire,” according to expert Julia Brinestells.

In light of this, it’s not surprising at all that Chinese women enjoy housework and prefer to keep their traditional role in the home. It makes couples more harmonious and happy. Of course, Chinese women probably don’t need any research to tell them this fact. Chinese traditions are shaped by thousands of years of culture and history.

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