Relationships are tricky and it’s very rare for people to meet and want the same things in life.  Very often girls want commitment.  They’ll date you but they usually want commitment from you. Men may want to have a friend and a friend with benefits, but women don’t often feel the same way. The Chinese dating culture may be the way for these men to go.  There is a new word on the dating scene, and it’s ‘lithromantic.’ And while few Western women are lithromantic, many Chinese women are.

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So what does Lithromantic mean? A lithromantic is someone who does not necessarily want to be involved in a romantic relationship.  Many of the hottest Chinese women are like this.  They want to chat to you online, chat to you via a Chinese dating site, have lots of fun and get to know you, but they don’t want romance.  Chinese women do not not want to be smothered in love and attention, they want a little bit of freedom too.

So what is the best way to understand the Chinese dating culture and to meet the hottest Chinese women? We think the most important thing is to remember that all Chinese women want different things.  If you want to meet Chinese girls you should join an Asian dating site and then chat to the different women.  You will find Chinese dating free which means you can chat to as many women as they want.  Ask the women what they want.  Tell them what you want.  Ask if they are looking for love, romance, a casual fling and if they are perhaps Lithromantic.  For all you know, Chinese women may not even know what lithromantic means.  But you can tell them!

chnlove review,Chinese dating culture

If you want a dating site to work for you, honesty is key.  Put up a profile pic of yourself and then look at the profile pics of the Chinese women.  You will find it is easy to meet Chinese girls of all ages and it is easy to find hot Chinese women, tall Chinese women, serious Chinese women and Chinese women who are looking for love.  You could hook up with that Chinese sexy girl who is not looking for a commitment, the one who wants online conversation but not necessarily marriage.  It is up to you to ask the Chinese women what they want, so that you can have a clear and honest relationship from the very beginning.

If you are looking to meet women online, have a look at the Chinese sexy girl pic.  Chinese women are really beautiful – they usually have sleek, dark hair, slim bodies and very sexy smouldering eyes.  But if you want to know know how to date a Chinese girl, follow her lead.  Listen to her and to what she wants.  Ask her questions and learn a little bit about her life, her wants and her needs. She will tell you clearly what she expects and at the same time, you can tell her what your needs are.

It doesn’t matter where you live. If you want to find love, partnership, companionship, romance or jut a flirtation, you can find it online.  If you are lithromantic, the best place is to be online.  Look at Asian dating sites, learn about the Chinese dating culture, chat to a Chinese sexy girl, be honest, be clear and – be romantic if you want to be.  And if you’re feeling like you may be a lithromantic, then set your boundaries too and be quite clear about your needs.


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