Internet dating is big business. We all want to find a special somebody, and the idea that our special somebody might be from a different continent is becoming very popular.

Now that China is opening up to the rest of the World, Chinese ladies are discovering that there are thousands of Western men who are looking for Chinese wives. Why do Western men want a Chinese wife? Chinese women take great care of their bodies. They are usually slim and beautiful despite being excellent cooks! They also make devoted wives and mothers.

One of the biggest Chinese/Western Internet dating sites is Chnlove. There are over 9000 ladies’ profiles on Chnlove, and tens of thousands of men have signed up to browse the lady profiles on the site. There are many successful marriages that have happened as a result of people meeting through Chnlove. Some day I hope I can add my own success story to these!

It is important to know what Chnlove is. Chnlove should be considered a portal which is used by Chinese marriage agencies to post profiles of their ladies. Chnlove itself is NOT a marriage agency. It simply displays the ladies’ profiles and allows men to contact their agencies.

Chnlove is free for men to sign up to – there are no upfront fees. When you sign up you have to upload a photo of yourself and there is room to write a profile. It is also possible to set up a criteria for the automatic matching algorithm. Unlike other sites the matching algorithm is pretty basic, so you have to be prepared to do a lot of searching in order to find your dream Asian partner.

Searching for your Special Somebody on Chnlove

There are over 9000 ladies’ profiles on Chnlove, so it’s best to have some idea of what kind of person you are looking for. Chnlove has a search facility so it it possible to search on age and province/major city within China. There are girls as young as 18 on the Chnlove website, but bear in mind a Chinese woman cannot marry until she is 21!

Each agency is able to post a few photos of each of their ladies. There are a few details about the lady, such as her name, age, English language ability, occupation, marital status and whether she has children. Many of the women on the site will get professional studio photos taken of themselves. While these photos are extremely flattering, it must be born in mind that they have often been extensively airbrushed to remove imperfections and lighten skin tone (the Chinese consider a pale complexion to be beautiful).

English language ability should be taken with a pinch of salt – since they are not tested using a standardised language test this is very much subjective. Furthermore some ladies have better written English whereas others have better spoken English.

It is also possible to search on religion – I guess some men would like to find a soulmate with similar religious beliefs (there are many Christians in China).

Searching on marital status is also possible, as well as searching for women who have or don’t already have children.

The search results pages show a photo of each lady, her name, age, height and weight, and the province of China in which she resides. Clicking on a lady will bring up her profile. The profile contains more information about her. Sometimes profiles are quite detailed (e.g. showing what her aims and aspirations are, and what kind of man she is looking for), whereas other times there is just a romantic poem or something. Translations into English are sometimes bad – I’m not sure if this is accidental or carefully done so as to make a man smile. Chinese ladies mostly have similar hobbies – which are usually some and all of travelling, music, dancing, cooking, sports, reading, shopping and watching movies.

As well as the search facility, it’s also possible to just browse the ladies profiles. They can be sorted by profile refresh date and the date of being added to the site.

Contacting Chnlove Chinese Ladies
Chnlove allows men to send ladies simple cupid notes in order to express an interest in a lady. These cupid notes are free of charge. Ladies will often send cupid notes to men. Sometimes these cupid notes are sent by the agency without the lady knowing, so it’s best to be slightly wary of these. Some men receive a lot of cupid notes – it is possible to hide your profile as being bombarded with unsuitable ladies can often be a little frustrating.

It is also possible to send letters to the lady. There is a cost involved in sending a letter to a lady, as well as a cost for receiving a letter from a lady. The letter service is quite expensive. However, it is possible to buy credits in bulk which minimises the cost per letter. Payment is possible using credit cards or Paypal.

Not many of the ladies on Chnlove speak or write more than a few words of English, so the Chnlove letter system involves translators at the lady’s agency translating your letter and the lady’s response from English to Chinese and back into English. This is a surprisingly efficient system (helped by the time difference between China and the West) although it is worth bearing in mind that sometimes things can get lost in translation.

Chnlove makes it possible to request a lady’s address details for a small charge. It’s nice to be able to do this so that you can send her little gifts. Some ladies will also send their men their contact details.

Ladies can attach photos to their letters. It’s usually a good idea to request some more natural photos of a lady rather than her studio photos which may have been airbrushed.

Some agencies have webcam facilities so that it’s possible to see your Chinese lovely.

Chnlove also has an online store where it is possible to buy gifts and flowers for your special lady. There are also special seasonal gifts available, such as mooncakes for the mid-Autumn festival. There is a nice collection of gifts available, although prices are generally quite high compared to other online retailers. The good thing is that Chnlove takes care of the delivery of the item in China, which means that the man doesn’t have to figure out the complicated Chinese addressing system.

One major thing I don’t like about Chnlove is that the site is becoming overwhelmed with ladies from Thailand. I appreciate that the owners of Chnlove want to expand their business to the rest of Asia. I know Thai ladies are lovely. But I knew that I wanted a Chinese wife, so being forced to sort through ladies from different countries is a big turn off for me. It would at least be nice if there was an option to hide the Thai ladies.

Chnlove Scams

I should say at this point that online dating is a lucrative business and competition between sites is fierce. Furthermore, Asian businesses are able to get away with business practices that would get them in a lot of legal trouble in countries such as the UK. It is well known that many of the scam complaints about certain dating websites you see online are often written by different competing websites, so don’t read too much into complaints about Chnlove.

Having said that, men have been scammed through the site. This is by no means a Chnlove specific problem – it happens with other online dating websites as well. Come to think of it, if you meet someone through speed dating, in a bar or on a discussion board then there’s also a possibility of getting scammed by a dishonest person. Love makes us blind to such scams, so be very careful – especially if money is involved!

Many men have complained that the ladies they write to on Chnlove do not appear to actually exist. For this reason it is important to establish that the lady does exist! Webcam sessions, instant messaging or phone calls can help to verify this. One useful thing is to send a lady a gift then get her to send you a photo of her with the gift.

Other Chnlove Website Facilities

Chnlove does have a support system and I found them fairly helpful. As Chnlove is only a portal for the marriage agencies it is important to bear in mind that there is often not much they can do should a problem with a specific marriage agency or lady arise. Men are also reminded that ladies do sometimes change their mind, and that finding a wife from another continent is not going to be a cheap endevour.

There is a support bulletin board in which it is possible to get useful advice from other male members of the site. Chnlove also maintain a useful list of articles about how to go about dating and marrying a beautiful Chinese lady.


When I started looking for a my Chinese special somebody, I signed up to Chnlove and was impressed by the huge number of beautiful ladies on the site. I put in a lot of evenings of work searching for my special somebody. I exchanged translator letters with a few ladies, and it wasn’t long before I found my special somebody. Chnlove wasn’t a cheap option. Very few of the ladies speak or write much English so I knew that this wouldn’t be easy. But I am hopeful that I will join the list of the dozens of couples who have met through Chnlove.



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