When seeking Chinese women or women from other Asian Countries for marriage, most of Gentlemen often ask for dating tips and advices on to make international relationship successful. Here ate some tips for that.

Tip 1:  Have an open mind
If you wish to date women from China, you are obviously going outside of your usual scheme of things. Things ARE different here,so you need to keep an open mind – some things will seem strange, some things Chinese women say may not make sense.

Tip 2: It is for real
Some men feel, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” and get scared and as the result, don’t get anything! It is for real that you can meet a very beautiful Chinese woman who will like you for you and that you can get married and live happily ever after – read hundreds of success stories of men who did. Remember, “If it seems too good to be true, it can be true!”

Tip 3: Quality of your communication will determine the quality of your relationship
Once you know you can meet and date beautiful Chinese women, start writing to them (on Chnlove, you can first send an Cupid Note before sending a EMF mail). After exchanging a few letters though the website, make a Lovecall to them. Phone conversations are great – you can talk anywhere and not only at your computer, and no language barriers.

All people WE know who were successful in meeting Chinese women on Chnlove and started a real relationship, were spending lots of time together talking on Email, Phone, etc.

Tip 4: Do not be paranoid about Chnlove scam or scammers
We know we have written a lot on the subject of dating scams and scammers, and you probably have heard a lot about it, but the truth is scammers are really easy to spot and combat, and you will always know if your contact is for real or not, just use your gut feeling. We can tell you no one can afford to spend 2-3 hours a day on you if they intend to scam you; so the quality of your communication is paramount . It is a HUGE turn-off for Chinese women is you talk about scams, in your profile or in your letters; we often read things like this in men’s profiles: “Scammers and time wasters stay away” – this will push all real women away but not dating scammers!

Real Chinese women are sick and tired of men suspecting them to be scammers or trying to be clever and asking for some “proof”: “Get a today’s newspaper and make a photo of yourself with the newspaper, etc. Quality communication is the real test and you don’t need to worry about scammers. Just concentrate on being real and making your dreams come true.

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Tip 5: Take the lead
Chinese women on Chnlove are looking for “real men”; if you read women’s profiles, you will notice it time and again, they want a “real man”. By a “real man” they mean a man who takes the lead and knows what he wants, and how to get it.

In short, she wants you to move this relationship forward – calling her on the phone, asking questions about her, organizing your personal meeting (visiting her at her home town, her visiting you or meeting elsewhere) – you are the Leader, and she is the follower. This is what she wants. Give it to her and it will be easy for you to build a good relationship.

Just like one of our clients’ comment, “Be honest, generous, never lazy or stingy, and do it!! If you remain seated in your chair and do not travel, you will never get anything. If you want it, do it! Chnlove will be a right place for meeting Chinese girl!”


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