People in different countries have differnt customs and living styles. But in the point of all the world’s view, mariage is as much as important as in any country. The newly-wed couple is the basic unit od the society. Marriage means family and next generation, which may make marriage significant. A series of rituals and procedures of wedding and mariagehave formed with the passage of time. Each people has its own unique traditions of marriage.China is a big country with 56 nationalities and five thousand of history. The forms and styles of the 56 nationalities have played a great role in the rich and colourful Chinese culture. Read this article and have a overview of Chinese marriage.

Traditional Chinese Marriage

Chinese marriage

Chinese marriage

In China, there is a old saying that the three most important things in one’s lifetime is passing examination, marriage and a boy’s birth. In the past, most of the marriage were arranged by parents or relatives. it was common that before the wedding the two people perhaps had never met before.The meeting at the wedding was the first sight. If the Chinese woman and the boy like each other and the wedding would be held as soon as possible. The traditional Chinese marriage usually includes six procedures, namely: matchmaking, engagement, betrothal presents, meeting the bride, three bows, and drinking wedlock wine. Moreover, Chinese parents in the past believed in marriage according to status, wealth and other stations. The married couple should be equal to each other in position and in money. In a word, there are many restrictions to trditional Chinese marriage.

Chinese marriage in modern times

The customs and rituals change with time and development. some insist on traditional marriage while others hold western-style marriage. It seems that people regarded mariage as a more significant thing in lifetime. Chinese people consider more regarding to marriage and have more choices. However, on one hand, there are also many people who think they make a wrong choice and have chosen the wrong person. So they divoice each other. On the other hand, to prevent unhappy marriage, they have companionate marriage.Also, there are many new challeges in Chinese marriage nowadays. For example, the price of houses is becoming higher and higher. Some newly-wed couple is not able to afford it. Will people marry without a car, a house or money? In conclusion, the marriage is becoming complicated

Dating Chinese girls

In the past, couples did not know each other and they developed understanding in later life. it turned out that many people live a happy and peaceful life after the arranged marriage. They gave birth to children and maintained the whole family together. When in difficulty, they encouraged and helped each other to overcome setbacks. The whole family always stood by one another.But now, it is advocated that people have the marriage freedom. one chooses his or her dating girl or man and get married on the condition that they themselves agree with the marriage. Compared with the past Chinese marriage, the restritions are less. However, why are there so many divoiced women and men? Why are there so many single-parent families? If some experts can find out the causes, there will be more and more happy family in China.

Recently, more and more Chinese single women turn to Asian dating sites. There are more cultural marriage in China and Chinese brides are welcomed by gentlemen around the world.


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