dating chinese women

Chinese girls are highly recommended for their pure beauty, great sincerity, loyalty and also attractive characteristic. In most situations, chinese women are pleasant because they have patient attitude towards life. However, dating chinese women is totally different from dating western women in both mental and physical way. And here are five tips to help you:

1. Choose her favorite place for Dinner can be a good idea when meeting a beautiful Chinese girl in person. Chinese women are talent for cooking and also they love to eat delicious food with their lover. So you should choose a place which is nice and not too expensive. For example, a restaurant she likes or mixed with chinese and western food is a good option. And I don’t think Bar is a good choice to meet your chinese sweetheart. Also, don’t forget to pay the bill after dinner by yourself.

2.You should be yourself. You shouldn’t be too excited, for rush only makes mistakes. Try your best to give her an good impression by your personality, not your money or cars. You should be slowly to express yourself even if you have so many words want to tell her.

3.Youl should select a good topic for your dating. Any time talking with the chinese girl, you should ask her some questions which can help you understand her well. When she wants to talk about something, you should be careful and pay more attention to her words. If you don’t want to finish the conversation too fast, then you should remember what she says and take note of her words, especially something you don’t understand. And you should not ask any question about sex or some sensitive topics. Trust me, humor should be the best advantage that you should have!

4. Be careful about the Sex before marriage. It is still tough in Chinese culture. Although it’s their choice to decide how deep the relationship can reach, but pregnancy without marriage is regarded as a disgrace on the entire family members. The truth is, in China, it is illegal to give birth to an unlawful baby, so an unmarried pregnant woman have to have an abortion.

5. Be careful about the stages in chinese dating. The first stage is that when you start the relationship, you should show your relationship in public place with friends. Then, if you are luck to enter second stage, you can go out together without friends. The second stage may last for years or months, it all depends on your sweetheart’s wishes. After this stage, you can run into the third stage, you should show your relationship to her parents. Chinese women care the opinion from their parents so much, so you should discuss your future plan with her parents carefully. When you decide to meet her parent, don’t forget to buy some small gifts to her family. Finally, after completing all the 3 stages, you can prepare for a perfect marriage proposal.

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