Different Chinese women on Chnlove may have different standards to choose their mates, due to different age, educational background, and personalities. However, what qualities do they most care for? Please read this article:

1. Personality
80% of Chinese choose characters when we do our research on this subject. They think compatibility will be the biggest guarantee of the marriage. Besides, if a man has some problems with his personality, the love with his Chinese girlfriend will not maintain for a long time, not alone getting married.

2. Career
Men with good careers will be great attractions to Chinese women, because they can guarantee the marriage life without difficulties. Besides, from his careers, a woman can know what kind of person he usually contacts with. If his friends are bad, then he might be not so good. Of cause, he would not be the best mate of the woman.

3.  Health State
We can say nearly every Chinese woman wants to marry a healthy husband, because he should be responsible for the family. And this is undoubtly one of the most important element Chinese women concern.

4.  Family Environment
Family environment influences the qualities of a man to some extent. Therefore, a man with good family environment may be better, including his parents, because when they are married, she must get along well with his parents in order to keep a harmonious family.

As personality ranks first, we would also like share 5 kinds of characters most welcomed by chinese women on all online dating sites:

Kind and frank personality
Chinese women think that a man should let a woman feel that he is a good man, and has a sense of security with him. If a man looks pretty, but is often promiscuous outside, the woman will live in fear and there is no sense of security. Conversely, if a man looks flat, but good-natured and thoughtful, not haggling over every ounce, and daring to sacrifice himself when the times of crisis, he will be most attractive to the woman.

Romantic personality
Men can have no money, but must know how to be romantic, because a romantic man will make a woman feel happy. Whether on a woman’s birthday or a romantic Valentine’s Day, words of love or text messages of blessing will be enough to let a woman happy. He knows how to create a romantic atmosphere. And a pleasant surprise to the woman, a sweet kiss or a rose will be exciting for her.

Adventurous personality
Adventurous personality of a man can make Chinese women crazy. He clearly knows what to do and he likes to take risks and is always successful because he has an intelligent and flexible mind and his talents always make a woman admire him. This kind of man dislikes the secular things, and can always make a woman excited.

Childish personality
Sometimes a man should be childish when dating. He is like a big boy, and has a playful spirit. A Chinese woman also likes his purity, his simple words, simple mind, and childish behaviors so that he can cuddle in the woman’s arms, his hair being touched by the woman. But when she nags him, he would smile like a child. At this moment, she is happy, satisfied, and thinks that she needs to take care of him, and he can not be separated from her.

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