Language difference is always a barrier for most international dating. Many people have questions like that: For the westerners, would you consider a girl’s ability to speak English in choosing a partner? And for the Chinese ladies, would it matter if a potential your partner knows no or very little Chinese? Language barrier is a common cause of disagreeables for couples who belong to different race. Here we would like to share Chnlove’s opinion on how to overcome language barrier and How to understand your Chinese partner.

Although English is taught to all children at school at majority of Chinese cities, many girls still find it not easy to initiate contact with foreign men, Owing to traditional education and values, most Chinese girl / Chinese women do not have much experience communicating with foreign gentlemen and initially do not feel secure using English for communicating. Under this circumstance, Chnlove develops EMF mail system to help every westerners. This is a integrated solution that combines mail correspondence, translation, dating guidance and alerting tools on a robust platform. Its professional translation service can help you correspond with Chinese partner smoothly and effectively. You will not find it hard to further develop the relationship and move on to long term commitments such as marriage.

Of course, as the relationship is more and more closer, we also hope every people who join Chnlove club can put extra effort by themselves to overcome language barrier. You shold understand more each other, so Chnlove encourge the male members can learn some basic Chinese when dating a Chinese girl / Chinese woman who can’t speak English. You can enroll in a short-course language program or you can hire a language tutor. This would show that the Chinese girl really means something to you because you are getting out of your way just to understand her language.

Then, it’s not enough that you study her language, she should also know yours. Teach her the basic words. Make sure she learns something new from you everyday. This would also get you closer to each other and she will be more interested in you because she learns something from your conversation or mail communication.

Last, you can read her body language when you meet a Chinese girl. Languages might be different in all parts of the world, but body language is almost the same in every part of the world. Look for signs that she likes you. Or look for warning signals that she’s irritated or annoyed. If she’s quiet when you talk to her, she might be mad or just not feeling well. Ask her if she’s alright. If she blushes, then she might be interested in you. Sometimes you can tell what a person is thinking or feeling just by her face. If she frowns, then she’s most probably not glad. You can also decipher if she’s telling you the truth just by looking at her when she’s talking.

Language difference may be a deal, but it’t not fatal beore TRUE LOVE. May be you can’t speak Chinese, but you can keep a great relationship with Chinese, and she don’t speak English, but she will marry a English Speaker. Just be confident. Everything is possible on

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