In recent years the international dating services are constantly perfected by technicians on dating site companies. On ChnLove—-a serious Chinese dating site, staff of the site are devoted to better serving the male members: developing high-quality, new and useful services, ensuring online dating safety, providing important tips on dating, marriage travel and culture and more. With more than 10 years’ experience it is worldwide known for the high success rate and reliable services.

The calling service on ChnLove can bring you and your Chinese girl who you date together and help establish a closer relationship with your girl in China though you two are in different countries. Indeed, many male members on ChnLove do want to use the Love Call Service but they have misgivings about what to say, how to say and many other things relating to calling.

There are detailed information about how to use the love call service and you can check the site on

More perplexing are what to say and what not to say in the process of calling your women in China. The following are critical matters needing attention.

ChnLove----Chinese girl

ChnLove—-Chinese girl

  1. Think carefully whether it is necessary to call the girl you are chatting online or not and ask yourself: Have I already gotten a good understanding of things relating to her; What do I know about her interest and hobbies; Am I interested in her; Do I really have something to say to her through telephone; and do I only want to hear her voice or do I want to know more about your further wife. Better make sure of your purpose of calling.
  2. If you have some language difficulties, you can ask the site staff for translation service and some translation service is always free. In addition, there are many dating tips and advice for you as well as the information about the cultural differences between countries.
  3. Make clear the time gap between China and your country. Choose a suitable time which is convenient for her. Besides, know about the spare time of your girl and do not call her at office time or at night when she has went to bed. It is not appropriate and can make bad impression upon her.
  4. Call your girl at a quiet place so that you can hear clearly the voice of each other. Speak in a soft and gentle voice. Too small and too loud voice are uncomfortable.
  5. Focus your attention on what you are talking so that you can solve the problems coming up during your correspondence. Don’t do other things when talking with her on the telephone. Listen carefully and answer earnestly. Otherwise she will become angry at your casual attitude.
  6. Don’t keep talk about your own things and don’t tell your bad experience. Take care of her needs and share her sorrow and joy. When she asks how you are, answer in detail. Women in China always want to know as much about their husband as they can in order to better care for them. And your bad experience will cause your girl to worry about you and then she will feel unhappy.
  7. Don’t hang up first. Otherwise, she will think that you are impolite. China has a long civilization and is well known for its morals and rituals. People respect each other and take good care of children and elders and in many things they always let the elder or the senior do first to show respect and reverence.
  8. Don’t talk too long on the phone unless you decide to pin down your relationship. Limit the calling time and let both of you have more interest in each other, which also is of help to develop your relationship.
  9. To further your understanding and relationship, you had better keep regular e-mail exchange and call often just like dating in real life. The process can aid you in set a solid foundation for your further happy wedding, marriage and family.

Don’t be afraid of calling your girl in China and you cannot only hear her voice but also the call makes a big difference to your relationship. Used correctly and properly, the Love Call Service on ChnLove can aid you in successfully seeking a perfect Chinese wife.

If you have other questions about the love call service you can go to their site and e-mail to the staff of ChnLove.


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