Men and sexy Asian women have at times been embroiled in tensions and certain levels of stresses due to misunderstanding and confusion. This particularly stems from people having differing opinions on matters that are in fact too simplistic.

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Each man has unique masculinity determined by different factors including personality, culture and family. There is normally a common threshold for making a man feel more masculine in one environment and less masculine in another.

As a male, I know that urge that you want to feel masculine. That inner sense of masculinity is in essence your actual definition of “masculinity”. For some, deciding what is right and feeling its fullness is masculinity and it makes one feel like a man.

But how do Chinese women consider masculinity? What do they look at say this man is masculine? These are some disturbing questions that get many men mixed up; just the same way women wonder what femininity is to men. One thing you haven’t been told is that there is no one straight answer to that question because different people look at masculinity from different angles.

So your question is yet to be answered, right? Read on to get the different considerations of masculinity.

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What different women consider masculine

As we’ve already seen, there are so many conflicting thoughts on masculinity. But there are average considerations that women look at and conclude to be masculine. These are the kinds of men they are strongly attracted to.

  1. A man who words rather than fists

It is unbelievable that there are some societies which believed, and still believe, that a man has to punish his wife if he does wrong. The punishment is actually physical caning! But that thought is long gone and cannot be used to define masculinity.

Most men believe that if they allow another man to walk over them, they are not masculine. That is unquestionably correct. But what makes it wrong is when you get physical just as a way of preventing someone to walk over you.

Once in a while you will get yourself in a situation where you to fight for your own protection, but if you can intelligently handle such a situation, you are a real man. Gorgeous Asian ladies consider a man who doesn’t resort to violence to be masculine.

  1. A man who knows a relationship is not a monopoly

In a monopoly, you have all the rights to make a decision on your own. You have the right to say “This will be done this way, not that way.” But that is a complete opposite of a relationship. It is a partnership where you support each other in their strengths and weaknesses.

Everything is about team effort where you bring together your good qualities for a perfect output and also learn from each other’s weaknesses.

  1. Has self-love

A real man values himself. He first loves himself so that he can extend this love to those around him, including the lady he is eyeing. Exercise, eat healthy, and engage in things you love so has to have a sense of fulfillment. At the end of the day, do not expect anyone to take of you.

  1. A man who is independent

In relation to not expecting anyone to take care of you, there is the issue of independence. There is an age we will fully depend on your parent, guardian or someone somewhere to take care of you. But past this age, you will be required to start cultivating the culture of independence and secure on your own. This is what a real man does.

I assume you have encountered some people who are in their thirties and still rely on their parents for the three meals a day and making life decisions. If you still want them to wash your laundry, you are still a boy.

  1. He does what he says

A masculine man is one that is reliable. Thus, if he says he will do this, he does it. if he says he’ll head over to your house for wall painting, he will do it without compromise.

  1. He is goal-oriented

Are you comfortable where you are? Where do you see yourself in the next one to five years? If you don’t have goals, you will not see yourself anywhere. But a real man has goals that guide him throughout his life.

  1. They know themselves and they are comfortable

Do you know who you are? Then you are a real man. Placing yourself into someone else’s shoes is an indication of self-denial and one who does that isn’t a real man. A man who is confident and comfortable of himself is always charming.


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