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Are you looking for a wife online? Have you thought about finding a wife from Asia?
How about finding a wife from China?
Finding a wife from China is easier than you think.
There are over a billion people in China. That means there are a vast number of beautiful Chinese girls. Wow, so many sexy Chinese girls!
Choosing a suitable wife from all those single Chinese girls in China can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Chinese girls – are they the most beautiful ladies on the planet?
The best way to find an Asian wife online is one of the many Asian dating sites. Most of these dating sites allow you to sign up for free! That’s right – for free!

Try signing up to a few so you can see how many beautiful Chinese girls are looking for an honest caring man like yourself.

There are loads of niche dating websites that allow Western men to make contact with Chinese girls. Actually there are lots of websites with ladies from Asian countries. China is a good choice. The ladies are very beautiful. Chinese food is healthy and delicious. Chinese girls have good manners, and they adjust well to living in any part of the world.
Chnlove – Chinese wife finding website
I’ll be straight with you – chnlove gets some rough press. It operates on a cost per email basis, so it can be expensive.

But let’s be honest here – how much would it cost to take a lady out on a date in your own country? You have to take her to a good restaurant. You might go to a bar, or watch a movie. You’re more than likely to end up paying for the entire evening! The same amount of money could be used to pay for many letters to beautiful Chinese girls.

Another thing I like about Chnlove is that they have fairly strict controls over which Chinese girls appear on the site. You know, I tried the Cherry Blossoms ( dating site the other day. It’s a cheap site but it’s absolutely overrun with Filipino ladies. Now I have nothing against Filipino ladies. They’re a lot of fun but I am looking for a Chinese girl or Japanese wife. On Cherry Blossoms I even searched for Japanese ladies, but they turned out to be Filipinos. Man, there needs to be some quality control on these sites.

Men grumble about the cost of chnlove, but it’s free to sign up. Once you’ve signed up you can see just how many beautiful ladies are looking for husbands on Chnlove.

I’ve tried many Asian dating websites, but I’ve got to tell you, the most beautiful Chinese girls are on Chnlove. Pretty much all of them have fantastic figures, boy they really know how important a sexy figure is! I wish all of them could be my wife!

Chnlove Scam?
Like all dating sites Chnlove does have it’s share of online dating scammers. There are a few ways of avoiding Internet scammers:

•Think with the brain in your head! Don’t get seduced by her lovely sexy photos.
•Don’t send money to a lady before you have met her in person (or after for that matter!)
•Beware of big age differences (more than 15 years is often too much).

Here are the best age ranges to look at in online dating:
•Ladies in the 28-35 age bracket usually just want to settle down and start a family. This is a good age range to choose.
•Divorced ladies are desparately looking for a good man. A divorced Chinese lady often finds it difficult to find another man in her own country, so she will often look for love abroad.
•Ladies in the 40+ age bracket will usually know what they want out of life. Chinese ladies age well, so 40+ ladies are often still very beautiful.

Wow, the thought of all these pretty Chinese girls desparately looking for husbands, I wish there was more I could do for them.

Yes there are problems with scammers, but you are probably just as likely to get scammed by a Western woman, and you can bet she would have a better divorce lawyer as well!!!

I can tell you though that the Chnlove Chinese girls are real, they do exist! I met one though Chnlove, talked to her on MSN and Skype, then actually went to meet her in China. Man, that was one helluva trip I can tell you. How many other guys can tell the kind of stories I can? How many guys have ridden in the front of a battered old Renault taxi in a thunderstorm on the way to a hotel in a city of 10 million people, a city 98% of Westerners have never heard of?

By the way – the girl I met through Chnlove, wow she was exotically beautiful, very confident and smelled like a rose garden. My family and friends were suspicious about my travels, but you know, if you want to date the most beautiful sexy ladies on the planet, you gotta get off your ass.

Good luck with your online dating adventure!



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