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“Mail order brides” usually happen in Thailand and Philippines. However, recent China society has more majority of men but is uncommon to have mail order brides. A few years ago, I became a member on one of the Asian dating sites, Chnlove club, and have chatted with serval Chinese women. There are some ideas I think would be helpful for other men like me to find their Chinese brides. Hopefully these can help you brainstorming the plan to conquer your Chinese women, and how to establish the relationship.

Conservative ladies in Chnlove club

From my perspective, the sense of open for a woman has both pop and con sides to their lives. In some cases, open women may bring more create ideas and surprise for their love and daily living. However, it would be dangerous if the lady is too open on her sexuality. Chinese women seem to be more traditional and conservative while comparing with western women. Here I am not saying this statement is absolutely, there is still amount of western women who are very traditional and conservative. For Chinese woman, I found they are always shy, and not much talking on the first date. Moreover, they are pretty shy to kiss in public streets but cheek-to-cheek one is acceptable for most Chinese women. So to display traditional gentleman behaviour is necessary for you to date your Chinese women. It will help sending a right impression to her and showing your respects.

Loyal Chinese women

General speaking, the loyal and family-oriented attitude from Chinese women are always acceptable by most of western men. Of course, there are tons of Chinese girls that are as much players as the guys and break hearts without a second thought. However, in my personal experience, lots of Chinese women are very passinate and are eager, sometimes too eager, to give their sweet love and kiss to their lover, specially those Chinese young women. Meanwhile, Chinese women are usually very loyal, because they believe their man will provide stability and security for them. In return Chinese women will give their fidelity, affection and bodies. To sum up, Chinese women are extremely loyal when they find and commit to their love.

To conclude, I found most of Chinese women are conservative and loyal from my previous experience in Chnlove club. These two points are significant for you to date your Chinese women and establish your relationship. Good luck, folks!


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