Part 1: Don’t chat until you make up your mind
Reviewer: Ronald from Los Angeles, CA, USA

The temptation at the start of joining this site is to do too much – too many beautiful Chinese girls, too many young ladies, too many admirer mails, all of which can make you feel physically, emotionally, and financially depleted. So, I have set some reasonable priorities that will help you navigate the way that leaves you feeling happy and healthy when seeking love on Chnlove.

1. Focus on the women on the site who are most desirable to you – those whose lives you want to touch and whose future you want to be a part of. You should better look at how their profiles are written.

2. Use your favorite list and add profiles you love, and stick to them. Just ignore the admirer mails and no need to say no graciously to the invites.

3. Take some time to make up your mind. Don’t find yourself rushing to send EMF messages to the women because it’s expensive. If you really like her, great, consider send EMF one time per day.

In summary, I would recommend Chnlove to a friend.


Part 2: Chnlove: wonderful Chinese women
Reviewer: Zachary from Los Angeles, CA, USA is one of an Asian dating/matching sites that brings you to meet some of the best Chinese girls across China. Founded in 1998, Chnlove provides international dating solutions and services for western men to meet Chinese girls. Dating solutions cover 35 cities in China and the Asia Pacific region. Unlike general online dating service, Chnlove allows you to communicate with some of the best educated girls in the country with the help of the agencies. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you know Chinese or not, you can streamline your online dating process.

Established in 1998, the site has rich experience in cultural dating and has been doing business with western standard. Besides, you are presented with some of the best educated and most beautiful women in China. Judged from what the profile descriptions and the site introduction, many women posted on the site are sincerely looking for a long term relationship. New profiles are updated very frequently. You can initiate contact with the ladies for FREE. Customer Service is excellent and responsive. If you have questions about the services you can ask the CS specialist to arrange you to talk to the agency directly. Chnlove has also created a tips article database dedicated solely to dating and relationship advice, with a strong emphasis on self-awareness and cultural dating. This advice section includes a wealth of thoughtful and informative content as well as forums where you can discuss dating and relationships with other Chnlove members. The site call the profile section as their ‘Photo Gallery’ and it’s pretty entertaining. They’ve got some very beautiful photos of various Chinese girl. Some also got video footage of the ladies self introduction. Profiles and searching are about as thorough as you want them to be.

The large membership database makes finding mutual matches difficult. In the profile you can read about the self-description essay from the ladies, it helps you separate your right matches from the masses. As the essay is written by the marriage agencies, you need t o read carefully about the essay by spotting the details of it. The search can be successfully narrowed down to show members who will share a mutual attraction if you look closely at the profile. The best thing about the site is: you can see a lot of hot pictures of the beautiful Chinese girl absolutely free.

We found that some women tend to let translators write the messages for the customers. We checked and it is possible the case, because some agencies are not honest to the ladies and the gentlemen. Chnlove has a very good and thorough complaint and refund policy which you can air the comments to the site owner. So, it’s just a bit more difficult than on other sites.

It is comparatively expensive to communicate with the women posted on the site. The service is partnered with the marriage brokers in China. So, the quality of those services offered by the marriage brokers may be shockingly poor. Dishonest business practice was observed in the last couple of years. But recently the site has been active in combating dishonest business practice of the marriage brokers.The large membership database makes finding mutual matches difficult.

Among all foreign bride sites, Chnlove seems to be the best place for clients to initiate contact with the single women in China. I found the site easy to navigate and would recommend it for people seeking a serious long term and international relationship.

In summary, I would recommend Chnlove to a friend.



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