It doesn’t matter where you go in the world you are inevitably going to come across scams. One minute you can be leisurely cycling through a street in Beijing, the next thing you know a peasant from old village speedily weaving you a gorgeous bracelet. In China scams are less forward, harder to pick out and certainly a lot harder to get out off. Here we will show you the common scam stories you may experience in China and we will provide you with tips on how not to get sucked in.

What Makes Chinese Scams Different from Nigerian Scam?
In China, scams are less forward and are more difficult to pick out. Scam artists in China are people you don’t really consider, say for example, an old lady, a university student or an enthusiastic artist. They will come across as friendly, kind, trustworthy and in many cases even shy. But in fact, they are going to scam you and you will fall for such desperate tactics.

Of course, many Chinese are just modest people. Some of them are just so innocently friendly people. It hurts if you think China is a pool of scam. So, what’s important when a foreigner coming to China?

The Way Out
Don’t think China is a hell and then you put it in your bad list. Scammers are everywhere but what you need is to exercise precautions. Then you will see that China is still a beautiful and friendly place for foreigners.

–  Trust your gut
Every time you have felt that you are about to be scammed, trust yourself and don’t ignore the feeling of suspicion. Meanwhile, do not be overly suspicious of the local people just because of their nationality otherwise you may just pass up an amazing opportunity to integrate in with the locals.

–  Know where to help
Get the numbers of the local police or authorities in case there are situations you can’t get out off. It is a powerful tool to help you bargain with a scam artist.

Be Understandable
Scam artists are just people. Know their background then you’ll understand more about why they exist. Like any developing country, often poor people want to make quick money. And usually foreigners will be one of their targets.


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