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As the society develops, dating varies a lot from the old days. Instead of having a date face to face, online dating now is becoming more popular. An increasing number of the world single men are more likely to find a date via internet because of the busy work and narrow social circle. However,how can one successfully date a Chinese girl? It’s a question that we need to figure out today!

Online dating makes cross-cultural relationship possible. Now,more and more western men want to find Chinese women for marriage. Before reaching a success, there is a big obstacle they need to overcome, namely, cultural differences! As with all aspects of life, dating varies enormously across the cultures. To assist them overcome the cultural barrier, here I list several helpful tips of what to expect.

Essential Tips to Date a Chinese Lady

1. Compared to the western women, Chinese ladies are relatively shy during dating. They would like the guy to do the chasing. Therefore, if they email you first, make sure you do reply in the same day.

2. Be at ease if you are asked about the age, health and family because these are not private in China.

3. If you’re dating a Chinese girl, you would be probably asked the financial status and income details. Don’t take this as mercenary or rude. It’s very common in China. One’s wealth is neither a big secret nor a private matter. For Chinese women, security is a matter of great importance and good financial status reassures! They just choose a direct way to make it clear.

4. Educational level is one of the standards of Chinese women in choosing a lifetime partner. Thus, don’t be surprised if  you are asked about your educational level. Suppose you are highly educated and want to find someone who has the same knowledge level with you, you can have an evaluation on her English level. If she speaks good English, it means she is well-educated. But be aware, the emails you receive in English from her may have been translated. You need to figure the details out.

5. Provided her English is not that good. Then, try to speak to her in Chinese if possible. If you can’t do that and your girl is trying her best to communicate with you in poor English, then don’t look down upon her! Help her practice, be patient and encouraging. She will pick it up very quickly since Chinese girls are that smart. For you, you should also try to learn some Chinese, letting her know you are trying the best to know her more. Your efforts would greatly intimate the relationship.

6. Chinese girls are not used to saying ‘I love you’. They would present their interests towards you via an indirect way. For instance, they would prove their feelings by immaculately dressed, made up or strive to look after you. They will try the best to assure your home, health, clothes and food are perfect.

7. Chinese girls don’t like drinking at the first time. Therefore, planning the first date at bar is not a good idea.

8. Men are expected to pay the dinners, which has become a sign of respect, remaining a common tradition in Eastern cultures.

9. Last and most importantly, Chinese girls are likely to find someone who respects them and their family. In front of her, act to be a gentleman and in front of her family members, be as polite as possible.


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