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The reason I love Chinese girls is because of their sweetness and cutest. Generally, Chinese women stand out from a group of Western girls – One reason is because Western women are big and tall and strong, but Chinese girls are small, skinny, and weak. The small, skinny, and weak figure of an Chinese lady make Western men fall on them. I really like them every time I see an Chinese female walking on street, at shopping mall, or everywhere else. I am a Western guy who lives in Los Angeles, USA, and I have met a wonderful Chinese girl in a Asian dating site. I loved her when we began to exchange mail. There is some unique things that let me love her at first.

Finally when we meet, this Chinese girl sometimes did not answer my questions when I gave her some compliments about her beauty. She smiled instead of answered my questions. She made me to recall by the time I was 13 or 14 years old talking to a girl in the first time. She made me to feel younger. There are some other questions that she did not answer at all. She smiled or nodded her head instead of answering my questions. I think Chinese girls are quiet. On our first date we were eating in a restaurant, I talked by asking a lot of questions, she just talked a little bit by answering some of my questions. She smiled or nodded her head more than she talked or asked me questions.

Chinese women respect their husband more than any other ladies on the world. The Chinese girl I dated with become my wife now. When I get home from work, she takes our children home and prepare the dinner for the family. When I try to help her with some errands in the kitchen such as washing dishes, she denied my help. She wants to do by herself. Everyday she gets home earlier than I do so she takes the kids home and prepare the dinner. When I get home, I just watch TV shows while she prepare the dinner. She does not want me to help her either. We do not get into arguments. When I get angry, she is quiet. This makes me to cool down too. So, I am happy to have her as my best wife, an Chinese wife.

Some Chinese girls who moved to Western countries change a little bit. However, they are still sweet, honest, and beautiful. They are also educated and many of them work on professional field. However, they get home and they are gentle wives who respect their husbands. They do not debate or argue loudly with their husbands in the home. Most of Chinese girls want to maintain a happy family. They can sacrifice themselves for their children. They are willing to be down a little bit for their children to be up. Anyway, I’m sure Western men who got married with Chinese dating women must love their wives more and more to deserve what they do for you.

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