sweet and cute girl from Chnlove

Chinese girls take on a unique charm.

The concept of dating a Chinese lady online sounded ridiculous for me in a decade ago, however, it is more acceptable than before since I signed up Chnlove 3 years ago. Pervious experience tells two impotant thing to find a honest Chinese girlfriend without Fraud.

Of course it is not that easy to find a Chinese girlfriend or even a Chinese wife on the internet, due to hugh amount of cultural differences, such as language, social behavious. To overcome these stuffs, trust and patient are always important for most cross-cultural relationship.

Chnlove reputation strengthen my trust my Chinese girlfriend

Chnlove is good at guiding us to know a Chinese lady when we know nothing about her. In case, dating site reputation play an important roll to influence ladies’ honest, which is the base for us to trust a lady and to establish an oversea relationship. An good reputation dating site will take actions to ensure member information authenticity. So how important is reputation while we are looking for a Chinese girlfriend? Just like an easy example, if you want to have nice western-style dishes, you need to go to a high reputation western restaurant with strict guideline of appetizer, main dish, desert, so you have have the tastiest and real western meal. That is the same way to date a Chinese girlfriend. So using a high reputation dating web is necessary for you to find an honest Chinese lady. It can help you to minimize the risk of dating fraud.

Education level state in Chnlove member profile

Most of us want a Chinese girlfriend who can speak English, I find the educational level stated at Chnlove’s profile do help me to understand their English ability. The recognition of English level would be a way to better know the Chinese lady you like, and avoiding so called of scam by misunderstanding. For many countries, It is undoubely education will a part to influence ladies social behavious and financial position. My opinion on China, it can be analysised as follow: education expend their knowledge version, helping Chinese ladies to find their position in the society. Chinese ladies somehow will lose their feminine side and replace by their domination. Meanwhile, Educational level also influence their communication adttitude of being honest, therefore it help to minimize dating fraud.

In my perspective, every thing have it positive and negative effect, nothing will be absolutely right or wrong. Perhaps education will be a factor, but not the most important factor to find a Chinese lady. It is more important to consider a lady with her pass social experience, such as age, career, family and friend relationship, etc. These factors can help you to understand a Chinese lady better.

Finally Listen, reputation is alway an important factor to choose a dating site, then you can find your dream Chinese ladies and develop your romantic love relationship. Good luck t, folks!


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