You’re a Chinese woman‘s boyfriend but she has a kid from a previous marriage. Then you’re wondering what to do — or even whether you should do anything — for that special holiday coming up Next Sunday, May 8. Should you give her a gift on Mother’s Day?

Factually, Mother’s Day is a day for every woman who has earned the distinct honor of motherhood. She deserves your celebration even though you are apart at this moment. Now, check out our top gift ideas for the year of 2011:

Gift Idea #1 – You don’t have to spend a lot on Mother’s Day gifts. You can just offer some flowers to your girlfriend who is a mother. You know, women, aged from 3 to 80, always like receive flowers. Carnations would be wonderful choice for mother’s day flowers, which express gratitude and admiration.

Gift Idea #2 – Lipstick is a luxury gift that women would appreciate. Some women would buy perfume, but some would only use it if somebody else buy them as gifts. If your your Chinese lady has a favorite lipstick, you can get her the same color type. You can pretend to be interested in learning her favorite lipstick, if you want her to show you what she is using.

Gift Idea #3 – You can give your Chinese lady jewelry with birthstones of her children or herself. You can give her a ring, a necklace, bracelets, pendant, or a watch. A variety of fashion items will make fair and comfortable additions to your love’s appearance.

Gift Idea #4 – Gourmet & Food Gifts are nice for a girlfriend who is a mother. Mothers. You can give her a box of chocolate, Tasty Fruit Basket or cake, she can share your gift with her mother and child, then she would appreciate the thought.

Gift Idea #5 – If your lady is tech savvy, you can get her some trendy electronics. Find out what she has, what she would be interested in getting, whether that is a smart phone, or a digital camera, or some kitchen device. Don’t let out the word just yet, or she might think you are spending too much on her gift.

Gift Idea #6 – You can get her something symbolic in nature. You can get her a plant or a star with her name. Donate money to a charity with her name. Tell your Chinese lady you have spread her love and name that would last forever.

Gift Idea #7 – A picture of your own can be an excellent mother’s day gift as well. You can make one digitally yourself with a photo software. You can pick a nice frame for the picture, or you can even print the picture onto other merchandise such as a T-shirt or a cup for your lady, then sent her a package by post.

Mother’s Day (May 8, 2011) is quickly approaching. During this warm holiday, Chnlove will offer many bonuses and discounts to honored members. When ordering gifts or flowers for a single-mom lady, you can get 5% off on the order immediately, and when making a Love Call with a single-mom lady, you can get free credits as a “Love Call Bonus”. Want to show care and appreciation in this special season? Act now!

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