It is reported that the three out of every five singles in Europe and the USA are now going online to find a life partner, and in this group of online daters,  two fifths are hoping to find a Chinese parter. So it’s no exaggeration saying, the phenomenon of online dating, especially Chinese online dating are changing the social and dating habits of more and more people. But still, there are plenty of stereotypes such as, “online dating is for geeks” and “online Chinese dating is only for desperate people”. This article is about disproving some of the most common misunderstandings about online dating in China by presenting the facts.

Misunderstanding 1: “You have to be good at computers to meet a Chinese woman.”
Fact: If all you can do is click a mouse and send an email (which you can learn in a few minutes), you are ready for online dating. Popular Chinese dating site – Chnlove make everything easy for you and will guide you through.

Misunderstanding 2: “Online dating is for geeks.”
Fact: Our survey shows that the majority of online daters are normal people. They may have no college degree, no advanced career, no high income and  good sociality ability, but most are interested in a serious relationship.

Misunderstanding 3: “Chinese Online dating is only for desperate people.”
Fact: Don’t be conserned that you will be thought of being desperate if you are looking for a date or romance from online Chinese dating site. You won’t. Just like you, millions of singles around the world are looking for a Chinese partner online this year. That’s a lot of dates!

Misunderstanding 4:  “Chinese Online dating is too time-consuming.”
Fact: It is completely up to you how frequently you will use your chosen online Chinese dating site. You decide when and how much time you will spare for writing or responding to emails.

Misunderstanding 5: “If someone finds out I will be too embarrassed”
Fact: What are chances of someone who knows you coming across your personal ad among Chnlove? And why would that someone be there in the first place? If he is surfing, then he is on the same boat with you.

Misunderstanding 6: “Chinese Online dating is too expensive.”
Fact: How much will traditional dates cost you? Chinese Online dating – Chnlove actually costs much less than costly dinners of traditional dating that you will pay before you even find out if you have anything in common. Chnlove allows you to find out if you have something in common, and to know each other to a reasonable degree before the actual meeting.
Chnlove Tips: Money Talks – Dating Costs and Budget

Misunderstanding 6:  “Chinese Online dating is not safe.”
Fact: A great thing about online Chinese dating is that you remain anonymous and communicate from the safety of your home till comfortable enough to reveal more. Bad experience is actually more likely to occur in bars and night clubs.

Chnlove, as a reputable Chinese dating site likes do whatever is needed to ensure safe and secure dating environment for their members.
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