The biggest news—Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of FacaBook married a Chinese woman, Priscilla Chan after nine years of dating and love journey. They held a simple wedding in their home with less than one hundred guests. Priscilla Chan is regarded as the most luckiest woman in the world by net friends. Let’s learn how Mark Zuckerberg successfully date the beautiful girl.

Priscilla Chan is a Chinese girl from Nanjing, Jiangsu. She was born in Boston. They got to know each other in a party when they were studying in Harvard University. Priscilla Chan is not only his life partner but also performs as a partner in his career. All through the time she has been supporting him behind and has played a great role in the work related to the foundation of FaceBook.

Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend--- Successfully dating a Chinese girl

Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend— Successfully dating a Chinese girl


Share some time with your China lady together no matter how busy you are

As the founder and CEO of Facebook, no wonder Mark Zuckerberg is busy with his work. But they reaches a love agreement that they must have at least a date every week and the time together should be no less than one hundred minutes.

Happy time---spend time with your Chinese girl

Happy time—spend time with your Chinese girl


Therefore, to successfully date your future Chinese wife, you must leave some time to do things together with her every day or week.. The time can make a big difference in your dating. Long separation is a test of love and long separation without communication contributes to unsuccessful dating and marriage.

Please Parents And Grandparents Of Your Dream Chinese Bride

Through the long-time dating they knew that they love each other and it is time for them to get married. However, it is only a matter of time. In December, 2010, they came to China. Before flying to China to visit the family of her Chinese girlfriend, Mark Zuckerberg learnt Chinese from his private tutor. It is reported that he learns Chinese in order to please the grandmother of his girlfriend.

Do Special Things For Your Dream Chinese Wife

To please his girlfriend, Mark Zuckerberg designed their wedding rings all by himself. The rings will be their beautiful and romantic memory and the witness of their true love as well. Moreover, at the wedding party, what guests ate is the most meaningful food in their mind. It is the chocolate of special shape that they ate at their first date.

When dating girls, remember to do something special for her. They will also be the lifelong memory of you two and witness your true love.

Learn tips of Chinese date from Mark Zuckerberg and you will succeed in marrying the most beautiful Chinese single.




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