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Online dating service like Chnlove allows intimacy to build very quickly, but it also brings a lot of doubts simply because the two people who are dating can’t see each other. One question that gets asked a lot is whether a lady is sincere or not. About this matter, we feel the best way is not for Chnlove to find out, but you.


Why is she still refreshing her Chnlove profile?

Some gentlemen on Chnlove are worried or even devastated when they find their lady refreshes her profile after they have exchanged a lot of nice letters. When this happens, just stay calm and don’t let it frustrate you! The fact that she is refreshing her profile doesn’t mean she no longer wants to be in this relationship with you. You need to talk to your lady about what’s on your mind. Did she ever reveal to you why she still wants her profile posted? She may have some kind of reservation, which may not be easy for her to tell you about. The point is, why does she still have reservations about it? Talk to her. Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship.

As a matter of fact, some agencies refresh the ladies’ profiles on a regular basis without asking for permission. It is a normal practice for them to keep the options open for the ladies. So just go with what you feel, and don’t worry too much over this. If it continues to bother you, just mention it to her in a casual, tactful fashion.


Is she a player?

Gentlemen on Chnlove are often frustrated to find out that their lady is communicating with other men, and think they’re being “played”. Undeniably, some ladies do converse with several gentlemen for a certain amount of time before committing to a relationship. If there is a relationship established which is actually more likely to last, then she would choose to develop it further and make a commitment. Remember, conversing with other gentlemen is just a matter of her choice, and not a matter of sincerity.

After your feelings towards each other have become stronger, you can tell your lady that you want to be considered the only one. Be straight with her that once you get interested into being close, she should not encourage other romantic contacts. This way you can build an honest relationship together. At the same time, you should try your best to convince her that you’re her only one – it is the only way that can withstand the test of sincerity.

Of course, you should be aware that Chinese women are no different than women in other parts of the world. People’s motives vary, and there are definitely some players out there. So it is a good idea to be cautious. Just make sure you retain some emotional armor, don’t fall for the first girl that sweet talks you, and keep a back up plan just in case not all turns out to be as it first appeared.



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