I have been using international dating sites for many years, and it didn’t take me too long to realize that Chinese women, with their amazing beauty, grace and loyalty, are probably the best women in the world. So I decided to use to find myself a Chinese bride. I was quite skeptical about Chnlove at first due to some bad experience with a few Russian sites, and the fact that so many gorgeous Chinese single women showed interest in me seemed too good to be true. But I decided to take a chance, and now I’m fully convinced that it is a legitimate and trustworthy site.

I have communicated with quite a few women on ChnLove and made 3 trips to China,  meeting a total of 10 women with whom I had communicated through the site. From my experience, all of these women are real and legit. The women I wrote to were the women I met. Of course, some of these women looked quite different from their photos, but that doesn’t mean they are dishonest or insincere.

In actual fact, the profile photos of the ladies on Chnlove are professional studio shots, with perfect makeup and lighting. Most of these photos are also Photoshopped. It is all understandable because these ladies know that they are competing with each other, and they need to look their best to catch your attention. So don’t get too carried away by the profile photos and don’t fall in love at first sight. You should try to always ask the ladies for natural pictures. And if they refuse to send you these photos, you need to get your guards up and cut communication with them if things look suspicious.

Another thing that I’d like to add is that even if you have exchanged nice letters with your lady, the chemistry may not be there when you meet her in person. On my trip to China, I met a girl that I really liked. She was absolutely lovely and looked just like her photos. But the second day we were together she told me that she did not think we would be suitable. I was shocked and hurt because she said some sweet things to me in her letters, but after I got over it, I respected her decision. I ended up calling the agency and hooking up earlier with another girl and it worked out fine. So I believe the site is legitimate. Yes, I do think that some women sneak by who are not as sincere. But if you seriously want to marry Chinese women, then you need to do your homework, and take a chance if you think it is worth it.


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