I’ve signed up for a few online Asian dating sites now, and I have to say that the greatest thing about Chnlove is that the women of Chnlove are extremely beautiful! Seriously, I doubt if any other dating site has ladies as beautiful as Chlove has. Men are attracted to beautiful women. So a big win for Chnlove here.

The Chnlove website is also easy to use, although I would have appreciated a few more search options to make it easier to look for the Chinese wife of my dreams. With over 9000 beautiful lady profiles to search through, I had to spend a lot of time and money on the site looking for my dream lady. Being able to search on the English language ability of the ladies would be especially valuable – communicating with a Chinese lady who can’t speak English is very difficult indeed!

Finally, the lady I visited in China after meeting her through Chnlove did actually exist! She was a real person, and was just as beautiful in real life as her Chnlove profile photos hinted at.


If you do any searching on the Internet then you’ll come across all kinds of scams involving Chnlove. While it has to be stressed that most if not all dating sites are affected by scams (professional scam artists are even targetting big sites such as, Chnlove has a poor reputation for scam ladies, and particularly rogue dating agencies.

The biggest problem Chnlove has is that it relies on Chinese based dating agencies, and they have a very poor reputation for being honest businesses. Since each agency earns commission from Chnlove for the emails it sends and receives from the men signed up to Chnlove, there is an incentive for an agency to act dishonestly to boost the numbers of emails they send and receive. I also found out that agencies can charge ladies on their books outrageous sums of money to sign up or there will be big fees payable to the agency should the agency find the lady a Western man who wants to marry them. In some cases these fees are large even by Western standards of income.

Happily I seemed to avoid the major scams I’ve read about, but I was annoyed that agencies wasted my expensive credits by sending out unneccessary emails. My tip is to block any lady’s profile if you need to spend time thinking about her suitability for you, that way you won’t get charged for reminder emails from the marriage agency representing the lady.

Where I did go badly wrong is that the lady I eventually travelled to China to meet probably wasn’t ideally suited to marrying a Western man. She wasn’t very accommodating of our vast cultural differences, and although I specifically told her we’d have to live in Europe I don’t think she could have left her parents back in China. A reputable international introduction agency will reject up to 80% of the ladies it interviews as being unsuitable candidates for marrying a Western man. I don’t see that this would be the case with Chinese introduction agencies.

Chnlove is one of the biggest and most popular websites which allows Western men to find Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands. The site is free to sign up to, and there are over 9000 ladies listed on Chnlove, so there’s a good chance of finding the Chinese lady of your dreams on Chnlove.

Chnlove charges Western men on a credit based system, so it costs a couple of dollars each time you contact a lady. While it’s a good system for those men on a low budget and avoids having to pay for lengthy contracts, it can be expensive in the long run.

Not many of the ladies listed on Chnlove have good English speaking or writing skills, so Chnlove uses translators to translate the letters sent between men and the ladies. You can also send and receive photos from your chosen ladies. Once you get to know a lady better there is the option of requesting her contact details so you can communicate directly, bypassing the Chnlove translators.

In Closing

I have now signed on with an Asian introduction agency with offices in the United States. If I was to use an Asian dating site again I think I would choose one of the Cupid Media sites like JapanCupid or ChineseLoveLinks. These sites have a flat rate fee which would cost much less than the $250 I managed to spend on Chnlove in just 4 months. I don’t think I would use or recommend Chnlove to anybody else, although it’s worth signing up for free, just to see if you like the idea of finding a Chinese wife.



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