It may be a bit of laugh but it is true – Chnlove customer care team often receives a lot of questions from gentleman members – “Is this Chinese girl sincere to me? Is she my soul mate? Should I choose another one?” Despite many attempts to find out the answer, our customer care team are never able to find it out, because we think the best solution should come from themselves, not Chnlove. Here we would like to offer eight excellent clues on how to judge if your Chinese girl is your soul mate.

1. If you find yourself putting her needs before your own.
This is what people who are truly in love start doing. It just happens when the person you love is someone that loves you too, and the two of you spend your thoughts and time putting the other first.

2. If even during the bad times, you still can’t wait to be with her.
Even if you get mad at your Chinese girl, or something has come between the two of you, if you still not only miss her, but want to be with her that every minute, you are probably pretty close to what most would consider soul mates. People that are so close they want to share even their anger or pain with the other even if the other is the cause.

3. If you feel as if you’re no longer just you.
There is this feeling that happens between two people who become very close. They both start to lose that feeling of me and mine, and replace it with she and I, or more often, simply, us.

4. If you believe with all your heart that she truly loves you.
A lot of times it’s a lot easier to look inside our own hearts and gauge how we feel about someone than it is to do the same for another person. In fact, it’s difficult for a lot of men to truly believe, deep down, with all their heart, that their girl loves them, deep down, with all their heart. It’s one thing to know it logically, quite another to believe it emotionally.

5. If you can’t imagine life without her.
People in love quite often feel they can’t imagine the rest of their life without this other person in it. But those that are in love with their soul mates, mean it. Losing them wouldn’t be a matter of losing someone you love, it would be losing a part of who you are, forever.

6. If you begin to feel as if she is there with you, even when apart from her.
Another odd feeling; to feel as if she is actually with you there at times, when she is somewhere else. It’s as if you can have silent mental conversations, or feel her presence, or know what she is thinking about what you are thinking or doing.

7. If all of your previous relationships seem minor in comparison.
While this may not be answer the question of whether this Chinese girl is your soul mate all by itself, it is definitely a part of the whole picture. When you find your soul mate, you realize that all the others that came before were nothing more than practice for the big game.

8. If you never hesitate regarding anything that concerns her.
If you’ve found your soul mate, you don’t have to second guess yourself, because you are with someone who you understand and understands you.

These 8 excellent clues on how to judge if your Chinese girl is your soul mate. If this sounds like you, we hope this clears things up, meet her and marry her. If not, then I hope you keep searching on Chnlove till you find that Chinese girl that you know is your soul mate. Good luck.


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