You may already know that Chnlove’s New Live Chat service is available and presents an inspiring opportunity to Chat real–time with beautiful Chinese girls even when you are apart. Talking to girls online can sometimes be much easier than talking to them in person, but there is still an art to carrying on a conversation when it is conducted over the Internet. You need to know how to keep the chat flowing well and how to keep girls interested. So from this week, we will introduce some dating tips on how to talk girls online.

When you are talking to a girl online you won’t be able to read her body language and know how she feels about you, so you need to know how to read between the lines. And please always show your respect, even if you are online you still need to make sure that she knows that you respect her. You will find that this is something that can get lost in translation whenever you are talking via on line or text.

When talking about write messages, there are also some pointers. Keep these six principles in mind and avoid these six mistakes:

• Show your romantic side. But do not come on strong and steer the conversation to sexual issues.

• Be polite. But too often men show poor boundaries online.

• Be comfortable. Do not try to play a character online, rather than reveal their true selves.

• Have fun. But too often men work an agenda as opposed to being natural and enjoying the process of actually getting to know someone.

• Be intelligent. But too often men show poor spelling and grammar, which shows poor education or poor attention to detail.

• Be optimistic. But too often men come across as gamey, dominating or ultra-mysterious. Motivating and upbeat people are almost always more attractive and interesting to most women.

We have a recent research shows what topics Chinese girls like to talk about online, as well as what issues are major turn-offs. Knowing this information might help to guide your messages so you come across as interesting and most importantly, safe.

Girls’ Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics
1.Hopes and aspirations
2.Hobbies/interests in general

Girls’ s Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics
2.Other dates
3.Past relationships
4.Science fiction

Remember these topics? Start chatting now at Chnlove´s Live Chat! We believe you can make the most out of your online dating experience by using this great services!


Chnlove Live Chat Info:
It is one of Chnlove’s important featured services allowing messages to be answered immediately. We provide two modes of online communication:

a) Direct-communication mode:
Ladies can chat on their own with gentlemen via the Live Chat software after signing in. This mode is for female members whose English is of a better standard and who can communicate directly with gentlemen.

b) Translator-assisted mode:
When the lady signs in to Chnlove’s Live Chat service the selected translator is simultaneously connected to the lady allowing her to begin instant chat with the gentleman via the translator. Each message transmitted during the conversation is sent to the translator, translated, and then transmitted to the recipient. This mode is for female members whose English is of a lower standard and who cannot communicate directly with gentlemen.

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