As we known, globalization really eases the use of Internet, it also facilitates the long distance communication and love relationship. More and more people pay attention to Chinese women due to slim body and traditional personality. However, only pay a attention is not enough, do you have idea about how to love a Chinese women? Just let me tell you the ture!

Forget about Your Love History after Joined Chnlove Asia

From my experience, I highly recommend you don’t tell your new Chinese woman any thing about your past girlfriends, wife or/and even women!! Of course mum’s stuff is allowed! I’m not encouraging to lie on your pass, this is just a big favour for you! They don’t look too kindly on promiscuous wonton behaviour and think you are a slut if you have slept around. So please keep your pass as simple, somehow it is better for you to omit a little bit details in your life.

On the other hand, some Chinese women will interested in the story about your pass which is an unknown area and is not familiar for them. You probably say your cannot remember about your pass in detail, your memery may somehow remind her pass with their ex-husband. Or if you have done some more than just a little bit flirting, they might think it is unfair for them. So to love a Chinese women, you would better switch off your pass!

Chnlove Asia

Forget about your love memory!

A Way to Express Your Love to Chinese women

We usually hear the saying that Paris is a place of romance, but I find there is a different way to express romance in China. It just happen in a implicit way. For example, put a tasty vegetable or morsel of meat in your chopstick, and offer it to your lady’s mouth. You can also place in her plate, this is also a normal practice. The most importance is to make sure that the piece of food is tasty but not some rubbish. This imply you always take good care and prepared the best stuff for her. Sharing food like this is a done thing between couples and you should do this often when having your meal. She is also willing to do these, you also give others a message that you are really care about your lady.

Chnlove Asia

Eating behaviour is a way to express your love

So far, how to love a Chinese woman, it is not simply about saying some words like I love you, it is more likely to understand their custom and adjust yours! Any deeper insight for Chinese women? Welcome to share your opinion!


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