Chinese women on Chnlove

Chinese women are bottles of grapewine,more and more tasty as time passes by.

Recently, we found that a certain number of foreign members hold a lot of misunderstanding towards the Chinese women on Chnlove at many aspects, such as their lifestyle, culture and the motivation to date with them. Actually, what they took for granted is not true. Let’s look into the misconceptions one by one, and drag them back to the right track.

Chinese women just date for the Green Card. A certain foreign members consider that Chinese women who date with them online are just for the green card. However, it is not true. Getting the green card to live abroad may be very charming, but Chinese women wound not deliberately do that by risking the whole marriage life with the men they don’t love. There definitely exist some Chinese ladies who are keen to live abroad; however, there are still many happy to stay in China. On this point, the Chinese women on Chnlove usually surprise a lot of single men because they show no interest to live overseas. Instead, they try to persuade their foreign boyfriends to settle down in China. You will gradually find that Chinese women indeed possess a very special feeling towards their hometown.

Chinese women only date for your money. Well, economic status is one of the prior considerations for every woman in choosing a lifelong partner. So are Chinese women. However, this is not the only consideration. Apart from the economic background, the personality, sense of humor and responsibility are also important for their judgment on future partners. Every woman, not just Chinese women, place a high value on man’s capability to become a breadwinner, therefore, they are preferable to these girls. However, other factors mentioned above also matter. Remember that!

All Chinese women come with a simple mind. In the eyes of many foreign members, Chinese women are¬†sheep. That they think this way is because they don’t completely know Chinese girls. In China, there are also many outstanding females with creative thinking and superb wisdom. They have their own dreams and principles towards daily life and work. They are the ones who can share the universe, profound philosophy with you. The life with Chinese ladies are not boring. And Chnlove is filled with a lot of intelligence and fun.

Chinese women date with foreign men with the only purpose to improve their English. If this conception turns to be real, I should say that would be very burlesque. If they really want to improve their English skills, there have a lot of ways to go. They have no need to choose such a stupid method which wastes time, money and energy. You should know that a certain fee would be charged from the ladies by the agencies. The girls on Chnlove are really looking for a life-time partner. They date with foreign men for some reasons. They may be attracted by the overseas lifestyle and culture, or they are restrained by some personal factors when finding a marriage relationship internally. Anyhow, they’re serious in searching their Mr. Right on Chnlove.


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