First, we Chinese women are attracted to western men’s strong build and charming appearance, say, big blue or hazel eyes, and straight nose. To most women, broad shoulders give them a sign of reliability. Besides, mix-blooded babes are a big PLUS, who are said to be, genetically speaking, healthier, prettier and smarter. Women, as I am included, fancy about having mix-blooded babes.

Then comes good manners of westerners’. I don’t know if it is still possessed nowadays by the majority of western men. At least, my late German husband was a man of good manners. He was always neat and had very good table manners. He also took all shopped groceries or our luggage when we went out for a tour. I was strong enough to take my portion, but such a feeling of being spoiled made me feel I was loved and cherished.

Thirdly, it is a good choice for romantically-minded Chinese women to have a western husband. Foreigners are regarded as knowing better how to express love. They have diversified love languages. Generally speaking, we can speak love languages in the following ways: giving physical touch, encouraging words, heartfelt services, present and sharing quality time together. Each person may dominantly be touched by one or a combination of them. I am the one who is easily ignited by the first two ways. I love kisses, hugs, and caresses. And as far as I know, most western men are experts compared with their Chinese counterparts.

Fourthly, foreign men are free from some nonsense of superstition. Chinese female divorcees or widows have already been under great social pressure. People are inclined to think there must be something wrong with them. What’s worse for widows, some men think they might bring them bad luck. Shortly after my beloved hubby passed away, there was a period that I thought the campus on which we live kept reminding me the past sweet memories and the present huge loss. That was unbearable for me and I just wanted to escape from the familiar surroundings. So I went back to Guangdong, in which I used to study and work. I called my former boss, who is the husband of my classmate, to check if he might help me to find a job there. Before I was very close to my classmate and her husband and even spent some nights at their home. To my dismay, the boss was so afraid of the possibility that people in my situation – newly widowed – would enter their house and bring them bad luck that he was as blunt as to tell me it would be proper that I went stay with my unmarried friend in her dormitory instead.

Fifthly, a western Christian men may become some Chinese women’s pursuit. A marriageable Chinese Christian male is hardly available. More and more Chinese convert to Christianity. But if you go check in a church in China, you will find the majority of church-goers are females or seniors.

There is also some other aspects in western husbands that attract Chinese women. On a whole, they are more keen on pursuing a healthy life style, say, they often go to gym for workout, they go for travel regularly, and they don’t need to go social by spend a great amount of time on dinner party which is usually associated with heavy alcohol-drinking or on mahjong which may demand them to lose money to the right person at right time in a tactful way.

Last but not the least, there is always a space for both western husbands and eastern wives to learn and to grow in their life journey. Uncertainty, or not having a shared cultural background, in a good sense, can bring about mutual attraction.

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