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Every time when I heard people talking about “ Scam” topic, I usually hold a very understandable attitude because I ever put ChnLove such a label only based what people said, without a thorough investigation myself. While this time, I fell that I need to share my own experience with people who doubt about ChnLove Asia.

My Own Attitude: is not a fake!

My motivation to sign up ChnLove is very simple, namely, to find my dreamed Chinese girls. At the very beginning, I never thought that I would successfully find my perfect match on this dating platform; however, miracles happen. I found mine on, and I did get fun in the process of communicating with the girls online.

When I just registered ChnLove, I received many admirer letters from different beautiful Chinese girls. And I wrote back accordingly. I had to admit these girls are nice options with good appearance and charming figures. However, they still have a bit distance from the girl I was looking for. To find my dreamed style, I took initiative to search the catalog. To my surprise, I did find her and we began to exchange letters. After a certain communication, she invited me for a date in her country. At the moment when I heard the news, I hardly believed what she said because I never thought that she is the one taking priority to send the invitation of meeting up. Meanwhile, I felt a bit nervous! I am scared to find out there is no such a girl when I arrived there, but I gambled.

To my surprise when I arrived in China, I did see the girl who is almost the same as my imagination. She picked me up at the airport. Everything is real! We together had a very good time and further confirmed our relationship. Now, my wife and I had got married and are living a very happy life. The reason why I shared my story here is to tell you: Not judge ChnLove a scam just based on what others said. You should see through it in an impartial way!

Not completely ascribed your own failure to ChnLove, and thus mark it a fake.

Different people have different luck and their experiences are certainly different. Some singles may successfully find their dreamed girls on while others might lead to a negative result with their Chinese girls. Once can not make the decision for all. That’s to say, you should not judge ChnLove only based on a part of feedbacks. One’s failure on Chnlove might be due to the improper control of the related communication tools, which should be considered a self problem. Every time when we need to make out a conclusion towards something, we should firstly have a thorough investigation and analytics. Or your hasty or impulsive decision may bring people a great suffering. That’s not impartial, isn’t?

Honestly speaking, the photos of ChnLove ladies are overly modified by Photoshop, as what other dating sties do for more dating success, but the girls on it are real, serious looking for a lifetime partner and start a brand-new life overseas. I suggest flying to meet your girl when you confirm she is the one you want, so that you can figure out everything. Believe me, you can find the right partner on as only as you use the right way to go!


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