Marriage is a big business in China because many Chinese people see marriage as their ultimate goal in life. Therefore in the country it is a booming business. In general there are two types of Chinese marriage brokers. One is the local marriage agency which arranges matchmaking services to Chinese themselves. Another type of marriage agency or broker is the overseas marriage agency. It is usually signed up by local Chinese women who wish to seek a foreign husband.

A super “hot” industry
It is very difficult to track how many marriage brokers exist in the country because marriage brokers are never considered a normal industry by the Chinese government. Many marriage brokers are not officially named as “marriage brokers” however, maybe they are named as “Translation Consultancy” or “Information Services”. It is not easy to obtain the exact data of the numbers of brokerage in the biggest country in the world.

No doubt the economy in China is developing very quickly especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Being a workaholic isn’t a bad thing in many eyes of the Chinese but it is difficult to date when your whole life is based on your life. Then it is bad in the eyes of the Chinese.

Another reason is that Chinese people see marriage as their most important aspect in life. If a woman is divorced or older than 30 years old, it is very difficult for her to find a husband or life-long partner. This is due to the traditions of the culture. When people get married at an older age, they will rely heavily on the marriage brokers to find a husband. That’s why the marriage brokerage industry is booming fast across all cities in China. For example, in Guangzhou it is believed that there are 60 marriage brokerages firms.

Practice of Marriage Brokers
Practice of the marriage brokers? Well, matchmaking is a very old industry in China. So in today’s China quality of marriage brokerages can range from very high to very low. With some very good quality marriage brokerages, an individual may need to pay the fees up to $10000 USD. Usually with such high price successful marriage is really like a “Guaranteed” one.

However, as the business is not really regulated well in China, some poor practices of marriage brokerages are always observed. For example, in China it is very usual that brokerages receive money from clients and shut down the business in a few days. Every year thousands of legal battles against the marriage brokerages take place in the court in the whole country.

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