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To Date Beautiful Chinese Women For Marriage on!

Something tactics are suitable for all dating, like opening the door for a lady; however, there are something unique that you need to be additionally sensitive to when dating conservative Chinese women for marriage. In the following paragraphs, I summarize the disaster dating mistakes that gentlemen usually make with Chinese girls.


1.Act to Be Indecisive.
You may want to act like a gentleman by letting your Chinese girl pick the restaurant to eat and decide which movie to watch. While what you do might meet your expectation. You might leave your lady an impression that you are a man who has no his own ideas and Chinese women don’t like to date such a guy. Then how to fix this mistake? I suggest planning everything in advance and don’t ask her for any permission. Take the lead and do something that she likes based on your prior understanding. You should know that all beautiful Chinese girls are attracted to the confident and delighted man, especially what you did brings her surprises!

2. Ignore the Importance of Impressive Dressing.
Like any other western lady, Chinese girls are likely to date the men good at dressing up because these guys give people a comfortable and fresh feeling. You might get a vintage jean costing $200 and is one-of-a-kind. However, it’s unacceptable when you are dating Chinese girls because oriental ladies like new and fresh things. Therefore if you want to leave a good impression in the first date with your Chinese girl, get well-prepared on what to dress.

3.Rushed into Physical Touch Too Soon.
Different from western girls, Chinese women are relatively conservative and traditional. They can not accept intimate physical touch too soon. Even though you are an open-minded man, you should follow their steps, to remain conservative and behave accordingly. Of course, you can learn to break the physical barrier via an innocuous way. For example, you could tell her you know about reading palms and take her hand for a closer look, so that you establish a physical contact in a non-pressured situation, easy for Chinese women to accept.

4.Inviting Your Chinese Girl to Happy Hours.
Most of Chinese women do not drink, although there are some out of exception. Usually speaking, Chinese girls don’t like to date the guy who likes alcohol. Thus, don’t easily invite her to the bar for drinking unless you are very sure that she likes it! Otherwise, the dating could become a very awkward experience for you. She might accept your drinking hobbit if she really likes it because most men do for a certain reasons. However, keep it to 1 or 2 drinks and certainly shun getting even remotely intoxicated.


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