date elegant Chinese ladiesIf you’re seeking Chinese women for marriage, there are plenty of Chinese dating sites out there where you can meet some of the hottest Chinese women in the world. If it is your first time to try international dating, there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you should stick with. These rules are generally based on common sense which, unfortunately, isn’t so common nowadays. Here are some useful tips that can make it easier for you to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.

1. Ask for natural photos. One thing you should bear in mind when dating through Asian dating sites is that Chinese girls like posting extremely flattering photos of themselves. Many of the photos on these dating sites are professional studio shots. Photoshop makes miracles too. So it’s always a good idea to ask for natural, outdoor, everyday photos. Normally this won’t be a problem – digital cameras are very common in China. If the girl refuses to send you these photos, you should watch out. She is probably a fake or looks nothing like her photos.

2. Go slowly and be patient. Unlike their Western counterparts, most Chinese girls are quite conservative when it comes to sex and intimacy. So when you approach a Chinese girl on the Internet, try to act like a gentleman. At the beginning of the relationship, never send her overtly suggestive messages or indecent photos, because she may feel embarrassed, and it can be a serious turn-off. Win her heart with your sincerity and persistence, and in time, she will open up to you.

3. Respect her culture. If you are a non-Asian dating through Chinese dating sites, you should try to understand the basics of Chinese culture and avoid offending your Chinese girlfriend. Always watch what you say and do when interacting with Chinese girls online. Avoid political subjects which can be sensitive. Sometimes, your curiosity can end up getting misunderstood. Cross-cultural dating can be complicated sometimes, and the best way to make it work is to understand how Chinese girls differ from Western girls, and how they behave in a relationship.

4. Don’t mention your romantic past. If you want to share your spicy stories about your one night stands, share them with your male friends. Most Chinese women have very traditional ideas about this. There is no such thing as a casual relationship in the Chinese culture. So if you have a series of short-term romance, it’s best not to mention it.

5. Don’t send her expensive presents until she becomes your girlfriend. Some people think that Chinese girls are impressed by money and sending valuable gifts will help win their heart. This is completely wrong. It will only pressure the girl and put her in an uncomfortable situation, worrying that she owes you something. Of course, after she becomes your girlfriend, you can buy her valuable things that signify your love for her.


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