China has often been referred to as the “Nation of etiquette” and different etiquette applies for different occasions, events, venues and people when it comes to sending gifts. On this article, we will help Chnlove male members on how and when to send the most suitable gifts for their Chinese girls.

Generally speaking, Chinese gifts etiquette contains whom you are going to send the gifts to and when you want to send. For example:
– For receivers who are less well-off, something practical should be considered.
– For those who are rich, something more valuable and delicate would be an option.
– For lovers, gifts are usually more thoughtful and memorial.
– For friends, it can be something fun and nice.
– For old people, something practical like walking-stick would be highly welcome.
– For children, something inspiration are among the choices of gifts.
And very often if it is of some special Chinese occasions like Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, food such as mooncake or dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves (Zongzi) would be neccessary.

At the same time, selecting certain gifts for your true love, your sepecial girl,  is always universal and you can’t go wrong with the following suggestions, such as:

Ring: Hardly any woman on this earth would not like to receive a diamond ring from her boyfriend or huaband. If you are a little short on cash, then opting for gold or even a silver ring is not a bad idea.
Necklace: You can go for a neck chain for your Chinese girl and it means that she is the one and only for you and is securely chained in your heart. Buy it now
Bangle: It possesses an enchanting beauty, making it a unique present for you to strongly hold her heart.
Bracelet: Bracelet carries your hold on her and she is your only love. Buy it now
Anklet: Anklet is always a gift for women and it symbolizes beauty, perfection and delicacy as a blessing for the happy relationship with her now, in the future and in the after life.
Scarf: Reckon your girlfriend would like your personal touch? Send her scarf and show your care, tenderness and sweetness. Buy it now
Cup: In Mandarin, “Cup” shares the same pronunciation as “a lifetime” and therefore, a cup can convey the message as loving her for the rest of your life.
Gloves: You will never escape from her hands.
Chocolate: Unless your true love has seriously unusual taste, chocolate definitely delights your lover. Funny thing is Chinese pronunciation of different flavors of chocolate can resemble different romantic innuendo:
•  Hazelnut chocolate – fidelity
•  Nut chocolate – cute
•  Alcohol filled chocolate – feel intoxicated with you
•  Milk chocolate – my honey
Buy it now
Watch: She will love you all the more when you are with her every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Time is something both lovers desperately need.
Comb: In traditional Chinese culture, comb means missing each other. As we do hair-comb everyday, the process hair-comb itself is very close to us and therefore it symbolizes togetherness. What’s more, comb can symbolize “love” and during ancient times, it was a thoughtful present to your beloved. Comb can also represent health and happiness which can comb away all your troubles.

In fact, Chinese characters can relate a lot of things by the pronunciations, so, some gift’s name may sound to you that they don’t seem to make any sense. Yet, it is often these very symbolizations that evoke that sense of solemnity befitting such an important step of one’s life. No worries. When your Chinese girl receives these nice gifts from you, she will definitely understand your thoughts.

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