Have you ever heard a popular Chinese word – Leftover Women? Unmarried women in China over the age of 28 are often considered to be “leftover women” and frankly speaking, that is really not a glorious title but somewhat derision. Then, as a foreigner, do you dare to such a leftover Chinese women?

Experience tells us that many foreign men on Chnlove (include current and past members) do not share same opinion with Chinese on issue of “leftover women”. For them, 30-year-old Chinese women are just right. The alluring American men bluntly admit to preferring mature Chinese women – their personal experience and knowledge, as well as their interests and hobbies. Age is not necessarily so important. So there is a statement says to leftover Chinese women -“If you haven’t married a Chinese man by the time you are 35, you should consider marrying a foreigner.” It is not a joke and it’s not even entirely groundless. Here are five possible reasons why foreign men will take up with Chinese women.

1) Foreign men believe Chinese women hold traditional values.
Thanks to China’s 5,000-year-long history and the mysteries of its ancient civilizations, foreign men see Chinese women as being very traditional.  Though it is unclear how this concept originally developed (ever foreign men certainly don’t know where they got this idea from), they nonetheless believe that Chinese women possess a distinctly loyal, dependable sensibility etc,  which are necessary qualities for attentive wives and loving mothers. Such women, foreign men suppose, would never rashly seek divorce or adopt the fiercely independent stance popular among western women. When compared to western women, who struggle mightily for personal liberation and who are strong in business and brave enough to pursue their dreams, Chinese women cannot but win the affection of American men.

2) Foreign men are also increasingly accepting of Chinese women.
China’s increasing international prominence and influence, together with the worldwide publicity afforded the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo, have resulted in China becoming a nation of great interest to the world. The concurrent rise in popularity of these “Made in China” women cannot be seen as entirely separate from China’s ascendance. For many foreign men, marrying a Chinese woman has become a matter of great pride, no different from gaining a great treasure, and would be seen by their friends and family as a fortunate and happy circumstance.

3) Chinese women are petite and age gracefully.
An American man once asked us, “Why do you Chinese never show your age? I can never tell how old the women on your site really are.” In the eyes of a large and lumbering foreign man, small-framed Chinese women must appear all the more cute, gentle and innocent, and it is probable that these supposed “Oriental characteristics” are very attractive to such foreigners.

Foreign men feel that Chinese women are generally small, trim and lovely, and they are forever incapable of correctly guessing a Chinese woman’s age. We have discovered that they often judge a Chinese woman to be ten years younger than she actually is; therefore, whatever romantic problems a leftover woman might encounter in China as a result of her age cease to be problems when a foreign man is involved, and such a woman’s time of greatest beauty can be prolonged by an additional ten to fifteen years.

4) Leftover Chinese women have personal integrity.
Normally, leftover Chines women possess the “Three Highs” of a high education, high salary, and high intelligence and have often received an American-style education, language practice and Western cultural edification, they thus enjoy very strong professional competence and are of high personal quality. Such  “Three Highs” women maybe left in China but not scared of self-confident foreign men who appreciate a confident woman. They are a melding of Eastern traditions and Western modernity, the cultures of the East and West mixed together.

5) Foreign men seek out adventure in everything.
The personality of foreign men is one that prefers what is new, what is unrestrained. They are quick to accept novel experiences and the object of their affections, as well as their aesthetic sense, is often different from that of a typical Chinese. The same Chines woman who might appear ugly to a Chinese man may appear ravishing and beautiful to a foreigner. Even if her eyes are tiny and her skin is deep yellow, a foreigner will not care – clearly her age will be even less of a problem. All of these factors provide those pegged as “leftover women” in China a leg to stand on and show their pride and self-confidence.

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