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Grasp the useful tips to effectly date Chinese girls online!

In China, the ratio of women to men is seriously imbalanced. As a result, many Chinese women cannot find their life partners in their own countries so they visit international dating sites to look for their other halves. Some seek foreign love for other reasons. If you are single and want to make your dream Chinese girl fall in love with you, how should you go about doing it? Basically, be genuine and put your best foot forward in order to help you attract your ideal lady. Here are some tips:

1. Be honest, humble and confident when chatting to her

Conservative Chinese women love self-deprecating humor, especially if it’s established that you’re the cooler one. Laughter will ensue because you’ve elected to show humility. You may be a confident guy, and many women are attracted to alpha males, but when communicating with Chinese girls, stay humble. Don’t boast about yourself or tell lies. It will ruin their good impression of you. Nobody likes it when others act superior around them. Tone down that cockiness to attack a partner, and focus on her instead of yourself.

2. Respect her culture and opinions

Learn about her culture – respectfully. Don’t assume that a woman of Chinese descent adheres to certain cultural traditions. If there are aspects to her habits, lifestyle, or culture that you’re not familiar with, ask her about them in an interested, supportive, and respectful way – get to know what matters to her. Never disrespect her culture or let her know that you think she is strange or she will be offended.

3. Get to know her friends

A conservative Chinese woman has a small, close-knit group of friends, and most likely they’re conservative as well. Chinese Women are all about intrigue, so if you create intrigue by becoming close to her close friends and loved ones, she’ll want you a whole lot more because it shows you can “exist” in her world. Be polite and open with them, and show her that you can be an asset to her social circle as well as a potential romantic partner.

4. Always be busy and have interesting activities around the clock

Being industrious and hard working is traditionally appreciated in Chinese cultures, and beyond that is generally impressive for all people. When the lady you’re interested in sees you’re always on the go, she will find it intriguing.

5. Take your time and don’t be pushy or overaggressive

You have to build intrigue and encourage your potential partner to come to you. Be available, but don’t be pushy or off-puttingly needy. Be confident and relaxed. It’s also important to read her cues. If she doesn’t want to discuss a certain part of her life or certain topics, don’t force her or there may be a negative effect.


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