If you are reading this article, I think you have concern about Chnlove scam, right? Actually I have spent lots of time on many dating sites, many chats and attend many function in person, but I found Chnlove has something different from other dating sites. They do take action on online dates scam, and I also tried diverse methods to evaluate whether those Chinese women are true.

Chnlove Scam? How Do They Do

Chnlove Scam

Chnlove Scam?

First and foremost, you need to be aware of how do Chnlove work on the dating scam, it can help guiding your anti-scam tactics. Based on this topic, I have done some research on how does Chnlove manage Chinese women information, there is a remarkable point. Chnlove collect and screen those Chinese women information from their local agencies, then they move on to a verification process, including telephone check on personal information, documentation check and SNS verification. Chinese women profiles will be uploaded after all information checks are passed. Meanwhile, local agencies do take the first check on ladies information before sending to Chnlove, and submit updated information to Chnlove if those Chinese women have any changed information. In this case, Chnlove will go through the above verification process again to make sure the updated information is correct.

Usefull tactics to avoid the dating scam from Chinese Women

Actually no one can tell how depth is the lake, if you only watch it at the edge of the lake without doing anything, do you agree? At least you can do some research on it, your brain and common sense will not lie to you! Yes, those beautiful photos in profile are big cloud for us to recognize whether is scam. My understanding is, all ladies want display their most beautiful side, specially for their lovers, so they makeup for taking photos. Again, believe me! No research, no result! So what you need to overcome the cloud is to ask more daily photos. To known more efficiently, you can use Live Chat or Love Call, both are instant technology. You can realize whether they are lying to you by your common sense and their words! If the lady avoid to give you daily photos, do you think she may not pay too much attention to establish relationship with you? So it would be better to let her fly? Do you think so?

While comparing with other dating sites, Chnlove hooked the most of my love and trust due to their verification process. Moreover, we are able to double verify the lady in our way, right? So, good luck, folks!


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