It’s time to review our recent member comments now. Frankly speaking, that is one of our favorite work because we always find positive examples that make we feel encouraged. From those warm pictures and genuine mail, we know their happiness is true.

Here is only a small part of Chnlove success stories:

First I want say thank to for Help and that I found my Wife. I search for a time by ChnLove and found my Love very easy. With the help from and the Service are going well.

So we marry on 2010-11-08 in Liuzhou, Guangxi and after a short time my Wife living with me in Germany now. I am very happy and my Chinese wife Lena also very happy. She never dream that she can come to me so quick. Whatever now come we are very happy and we look in our future with open eye and we are very happy when we become a biger family. I wish everyone from ChnLove many luck and thank you for all.

Gerald and Li Min
– Member ID: CM957917, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

My dreams have come true. I have found the perfect Chinese partner. I met her through personal friends and saw her profile in 2008 on this site. We have been married almost a year and as happy as can be. She is joining me at my new job in China in January.
???????! (She’s a perfect wife!)

– Member ID: CM601401, Nevada, United States

Hei, here is Leif from Denmark, I want to thanks Chnlove agency P509 for all help they have given me and MingZhi to get married in Wuhan 05-20.
I know this agency since 2009-11-17 and everyday they have translated my letter and give them to Mingzhi.
Thanks Bian and Jane from agency P509 for help us.

– Member ID: CM999247, Sønderjylland, Denmark

First, I wish to give my highest thanks for the local agency, at ZhongShan, and their staff. Especially, Adam, and Jane. They have been most kind and helpful.

Thus far, I have visited with my lady three times. This last visit I asked her for marriage. And was so very happy when she accepted. The two photos attached are of our new family.

I also wish to say that before finding and using this site, I tried several other dating sites. I can honestly say that by far, this was the very best!

-Member ID: CM519214, Texas, United States

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